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Top 5

5. The Presets – Beams

4. MSTRKRFT – The Looks

3. Silversun Pickups – Carnavas


2. Wired All Wrong – Break Out the Battletapes


The Alcohol Speaks To Me Instead of her

1. Spank Rock – YoYoYoYoYo

Amanda Blank, need I say more?


“Jimi Hendrix of the laptop”

Exciting news here…


Sparklehorse Team Up With Dangermouse
For new album with Gnarls Barkley maestro…

By: Chris Taylor on 9/24/2006 10:57:09 AM

Sparklehorse are starting a side-project with Gnarls Barkley producer Dangermouse.

The pair met when Dangermouse helped out on Sparklehorse’s new album ‘Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of The Mountain’, and are now going to put out a whole album of collaborations.

Mark Linkous told BBC Six Music, “There were some songs that didn’t make it for the Sparklehorse album proper that we’re going to use for Dangerhorse, then we’re we’re going to start on that record proper in a couple of months.

“(Dangermouse can) just grab bits and pieces of different songs and just flip them over backwards and put them into other songs. I like to call him the Jimi Hendrix of the laptop.”


Montreal Bound


As expected, I’ve hit a rough patch where my academic work is swallowing me whole.  However, this Wednesday I depart for Montreal to attend the Future of Music Policy Summit and Pop Montreal.  I will be seeing one of my favorite power pop bands, Sloan, on Thursday evening and Pitchfork-hot Tapes ‘N Tapes on Saturday.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to write about both shows and the conference in the coming week.  I will also shortly be receiving new CDs from both The Decemberists and one of their main influences, Robyn Hitchock, in the next week (both are released tomorrow).  Peace out.


Inside me I’m a drowning fool


Being a fan of smaller, independently run bands has always had its benefits, like witnessing them in an intimate venue, always playing their heart out for you, and just a plain love of making music, among other reasons, of course. Unfortunately though, a lot of these bands eventually break down and call it quits, but luckily more often than not, a surviving member or two usually pair back up together to form another group with new members, at times, even a supergroup. (Wired All Wrong) In this case, there was National Skyline, who had members of well-respected Champaign, IL bands, such as Castor and Hum. (Hum) Castor had at the time an emo feel to them, and Hum had that spacey meets dreamy rock feel with just enough guitar feedback to satisfy one’s shoegaze fetish. Hum had at times a very radio friendly sound that did garner them some much due praise in the mid to late 90’s, but regardless of either band’s success, neither made it out of the 90’s.

Take 1 part bass from Hum (Dimpsey) and then add the singer/guitarist from Castor (Garber, who later helped to shape Year of the Rabbit) to form National Skyline. Being at times a minimalistic, atmospheric sounding band that twists knobs to produce electronic effects most likely made it rather difficult to fit into any one specific marketable genre, and most likely wasn’t too radio friendly either in early 2000 and 2001, but luckily, for us, they did produce three albums, with one being more of an EP. You’ll quickly realize Thom Y. wasn’t the only one perfecting this sound back in ’00.

R.I.Y.L-Radiohead (Kid A era), The Notwist, ON (Ken Andrews)

National Skyline-Morse Code

National Skyline-Metropolis

Purchase an album here.


The beats that I can drop like mfing Prince Paul!

This is my first venture into writing for anyone other than people in my Outlook contacts, so it took me days, but really years to build up the courage to finally sit down to do this. And by this, I mean doing what I realistically do on a daily basis to a few similar music minded friends, and that is simply, discuss music. There usually isn’t a day that passes where I’m not sending out rather lengthy emails about my favorite artists, some new song, or an upcoming show where we’re ready to break out the E&J for. The wonderful thing about the fellow collaborators and myself is our rather eclectic taste for most music genres, which I’m sure as time passes, anyone who stumbles upon this site will quickly see. I have no formal music training, experience in the music industry, formal writing experience (you’ll see this quickly), or anything of the like, but when I think of myself as a music fan, I see that compared to most, my true enthusiasm and sincere interest in the art is a step above the rest.

The inevitable thing to do here would be to list my preferred genres and artists, right? Well, my thoughts are the opposite, because one will quickly grasp where my interests truly lie as this blog begins to pop off. Since a lot of my musical finds these days come from blogs more often than not, I intend on posting songs that first got me into music. Of course, some will be rather obscure and others maybe even hit the radio, like my first upping. Though I will say this, one of my favorite artists is Self, a quirky pop group who all three of us have a tad of adoration for, which is why I want to start off with a song I feel Self could have easily written. Eventually Self tracks will most likely be posted, but for now, a song on the same vibe as them….Space’s “Female of the Species”. Let the track do the describing for you. Word.

Female of the Species



“Hi, um, my name is Jason.  I’m your blind date…and I’m really blind.”

I’m not much for words when it comes to introducing myself.  Briefly, my name is Jason, and my love for music is borderline obsessive.  Like many in the world, this relationship started when I was young and has taken on many forms throughout. 

The other two gentlemen represented in this forum have been incredibly influential and essential to me in terms of music appreciation and general access.  Without them, I’d likely be sitting in my car during a typical Chicago rushour along with the millions of other sheep listening to payola-supported artists and bands. 

The three of us have very distinct backgrounds in music appreciation; each one unique based on earlier surroundings.  We hope to share with you both old and new songs that are downright pleasing to our ears.

This blog represents our endless search for the perfect pop songs of the world.  Join us, won’t you?

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