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Mahaffey Brings Us HELLGLASS….

Currently, I’m in the studio cutting new songs….

For someone who makes an appearance barely annually in our lives, sElf’s Matt Mahaffey has been becoming a regular around these parts.  First, he finally unleashed the monster that is “Back in Black”, and now, MM is bringing us some studio shots and a short clip of what I think is a new track – “Hellglass”.  Does this stem from the taboo Spaceland DVD?  Check the weirdness below…


I Do It For the Girls With the Big Ol’….


Slim, just give me a call/My number is 555-5555/Specialize in gettin’ your party live

It’s Friday and you might need an extra song besides the 100 plus on that ultimate July 4th rooftop soundtrack. (I hope to reference this album three more times before June ends.  Watch the man break it down here)

If you need just a little somethin’ somethin’ to kick off the festivities, let me recommend the latest from Pase Rock“Get Money Kids”.  Again, the beat is right and his flow glides over the rhythms; Pase does just what he truly specializes in: Bangin’ your box and gettin’ your party live.

Pase Rock :: Get Money Kids

My favorite cut from him lurks below…

Pase Rock :: So Fuckin’ Disco


Girl Talk–7 Days Later


to me girl talk takes music, i find for the most part unbearable, and makes it not only tolerable but completely enjoyable by taking the best hook of the song and usually contrasting it with something from the other end of the spectrum (i.e. Fergie and Annie from night ripper)…

Within hours of the release of Feed the Animals, the love, or for some, hate erupted exponentially around music circles.  Personally, I feel it is summer and this album complements what this season should be about – enjoying oneself.  Don’t overanalyize and say this was done 20 years ago in a better manner; no doubt there were mixes, but we got the hard drive space for one more, especially when it makes me enjoy Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne in one 40 minute span.  Did you really think you’d enjoy “Whoomp! (There it Is)” and “C’mon N’ Ride It” again?  Hell if I did.

Someone here who was hating on Girl Talk and his lack of DJ skills, suggested people give a listen to these 20+ mixes from the early to mid-80’s.  He swore these blow GT out of the water.  Personally, he’s an idiot for even trying to compare these very traditional dance mixes to an ADD mix like Feed the Animals.  If you’re ready for a change of pace from the summer soundtrack of 2008, click your way over here(Highly recommended)

You ain’t a pimp, you a fairy!


Ani: “I Like Those Songs”…Me too

That’s what Ani DiFranco said in the middle of her stunning set Wednesday evening in Aspen about her opener, Martyn Joseph, a Welsh singer-songwriter reminiscent of Alexandro Escovedo in his plaintive and honest emotional leanings.  I can’t recall a time when I “discovered” a new artist to me, with the career highlights of Joseph, as an opener.  His last studio album, Vegas, is his 29th album and he has had four songs in the UK singles charts.  In 2004, he won Best Male Artist at the BBC Welsh Music Awards

Ani’s comment about “those songs” slyly references the song Joseph closed with on Wednesday and a standout from Vegas, “I have Come to Sing.”  In the gorgeously hooky chorus, Joseph croons, “I have come to sing/These songs for you/I have come to play/Every shadow every word/I have come to drag you from the bed you’re lying in.”   The rest of the song is structured lyrically around seven elements and one-sentence statements of each: hope, peace, mercy, faith, grace, the sun, and being blind.  For blind, Joseph opines for “Ambition drunk with pride and pain and before I say any more.”  For faith, he laments, “The other side of knowing and a thousand questions how.”

In “Vegas,” Joseph sings an American tale that rings as true as one from Springsteen.  It captures the story of hopeful renewal in Las Vegas through the eyes of a widowed 80 year-old native Nebraskan cabbie–“He says this is the where it happens/This is the place to be found/Says everyone coming from somwhere/Trying to turn luck around.”

I spoke to Joseph after the show and asked if Cardiff-based Spillers Records, the oldest record shop in the world, founded in 1894, was still around (Jason heard rumors while in the UK…), and it is!  Joseph added he was actually traveling with one of their shirts and I asked, “In red?”  He responded it was indeed in red and that he would have to tell the staff that he found a former customer, of all places, in Aspen, Colorado.  Jason can often be found sporting the same Spillers shirt.

A great album, a great artist.  Many albums to pursue.

Streaming audio:

“I Have Come to Sing”


Piper Records – Joseph’s own label


Girl Talk :: Feed the Animals


Dave was on his game this morning.  Nothing unusual, I know.  He quickly called attention to the new Girl Talk album available for download via Illegal Art.  For weeks, published reports that Gregg Gillis was about to ‘pull a Radiohead’ and release his album for a donation of the user’s choice made the rounds among the music world.  The plan was executed early this morning. 

Go here to grab the new album, Feed the Animals.  Pay what you wish. You don’t have to pay anything for the MP3’s.  Any donation over $5 will give you the option to download FLAC files.  Anything $10 or above will present you with the same file option along with a physical CD to be shipped when available by September 23rd.

As Black Sheep appropriately said, the choice is yours.  But keep in mind, this album figures to be the classic summer mix of 2008.  Get after it…

Girl Talk :: Feed the Animals

By the way, this Wikipedia entry already has the album’s samples dissected much like what was done with Night Ripper.  Check it.


Meet Ontario’s Virtuoso….


I introduced you to this man awhile back.  At that time though, I didn’t know much about him, except that he had the ability to write one hell of an energetic, glam-rock number.  We’ve over time become great friends; it’s a rather one-sided relationship though.

Quebec’s Montreal isn’t the only city north of us consistently churning out current classics; Huntsville, Ontario is responsible for producing an artist with the poppy quirkiness of Self’s Matt Mahaffey and the ability to become celestial at times, similar to the late Jeff Buckley.  Although the brilliance of this great, is his ability to keep you guessing from song to song while still maintaining a fluid flow on record.  If you haven’t already been acquainted with the multi-faceted Hawksley Workman, I sure hope you take the opportunity now by hitting the jump.
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And Why Wouldn’t Fatboy Slim Be in Heaven…


I mean, Mr. Cook is getting down with naked girls while David Byrne (Talking Heads) vocally dances over a trademark Fatboy Slim joint. And, oh, Dizzee Rascal throws down a verse as well. All of this in under four minutes!

The BPA — or The Brighton Port Authority is the new project from another big-beat master: Fatboy Slim. For the debut LP, he’s bringing along such friends as Iggy Pop, Martha Wainwright, and the two previously mentioned. This is the summer of 2008’s “Crazy”. It could be, right? At least the video will blow up! Brilliance…

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