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Bangin’ out the iPhone speakers…

But I know so many people who listen to music out of their iPhone speakers. It becomes background noise, part of the wash. It makes music not special anymore. If you eat pizza all the time, it doesn’t taste like pizza anymore.


Nick Waterhouse doesn’t like your smartphone and its audio capabilities. In ‘Music Is More Mobile Than Ever, But Convenience Comes At a Price’ the Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot speaks of how empowered today’s music consumer is and how challenging being an artist in 2014 truly is because of music’s ubiquity and undervalued worth.

Now I can’t condone someone using their smartphone’s speakers to experience music, but ya know, as a last resort, sometimes it happens. The speaker is an essential piece of — can I say furniture — anyone’s bedroom. Mistakes happen though, and water can be a speaker killer.  One second you’re shaking it; then the next your loved one is flustered and flailing like a wet fish knocking over drinks on the audio furniture.

Like a sensual dance or a straight up striptease, music can seduce. It should be an essential component in your about to get down repertoire. And because my dance moves are only best performed in front of the mirror, alone, and the only striptease I have is by Hawksley Workman, the playlist has become an integral part of foreplay. Without it, I’ve hit a dry spell. So for the past few weeks, with the most essential bedroom piece since the mattress out of commission, it’s either a silent soundtrack to our last dance, or a crackled, faint bump wafting out of my smartphone’s tinny sounding speakers. Whatever, Waterhouse, the latter always equals some of the best tasting pizza.



Nick Waterhouse’s This is a Game…

2014 has already been no joke.  2012’s powerhouse Nick Waterhouse is on the brink of a new record about to tear up my charts. The dapper California rhythm & blues maestro is definitely the composer of one of my most anticipated records.  To tide my appetite over for his hip swinging, smokin’ numbers, Nick unleashed a two-sided single, “This Is A Game b/w It No. 3”.

“This Is a Game” is meant to move to. Not tap a foot move. Scratch circles in the floor move. Immense sax, conga breakdowns, Nick’s ride the waves guitar play and that throwback sound all packaged into one of ’14’s best singles so far…


Best of ’12 in Three Albums…

Even though MiS came, went, attempted a consistent comeback, then faded, music was at the forefront of my day. Never a moment where it didn’t play a part: keeping the mood light, bringing the vibe up a few notches, holding me up as I had to trudge, entertaining my debauchery, etc.

The abundance of music continued. What stayed with me over the course of under 12 months was only a few records. Like every year, no matter what your palate is, a shit ton of records were released; to some, many were worth your time; for me, only three will still be spun heavily in 2013 and definitely beyond.

3. Nick Waterhouse :: Time’s All Gone

The mid-20s dapper gentleman knows a sound. He possesses the know-how to concoct pieces that could be reminiscent of a simpler time; don’t equate simpler times with a period where the music doesn’t make you want to jump up and sway in perfect, sweaty time, all while wearing a huge grin across your face. Rookie of the year.

2. Divine Fits :: A Thing Called Divine Fits

Groove, vocal deliveries wrought of passion, melodies and bass lines for days. Only a sprinkle of what four seasoned musicians can potentially bring to the drawing board. Forget the lame “super group” term; that phrase is thrown around for bands with staying power of a record. Divine Fits, based on their exponentially strong chemistry on stage and on record, are about to become your favorite band after their follow-up to this expertly pieced together LP.

1. Local H :: Hallelujah! I’m a Bum

A soundtrack, in theory. A record orchestrated around maybe your life, too. The record begins with a sound we know oh so well: the rattle of the L. From there, tears through like only the orignal “power duo” can. If ‘12 Angry Months‘ felt real and impassioned, ‘Hallelujah! I’m a Bum’ permeates with the same sincerity; let alone this time, Scott further proves that he is still in love with rock and roll and the city that bred them.


When Nick Met Daryl…

Anything Nick Waterhouse is doing right now, I’m  a sucker for. The dapper, mid-20s Californinian is reinvigorating the original rock n roll sound with his willingness to invoke trouble into music. His uncanny ability to jump start a party in full force isn’t hurting him either.

If I were a former pop star with my boy Oates, did a successful run as a solo artist, and was looking for a new way to invent myself, I’d build a house in upstate New York. To further differentiate myself, a professional band would hang there often, and I’d invite well respected artists to roll by. This is what Daryl Hall continues to do — MiS was hitting repeat some years back on this project — via his web and now TV show Live From Daryl’s House

Mr. Hall asked Nick Waterhouse to the compound to bring that sound of Nick’s further to the masses. What was concocted and ripped through, further proves Nick Waterhouse holds the potential to be as timeless as his sound.

  • Say I Wanna Know
  • If You Want Trouble
  • Some Place
  • Problem With You (Originally written/performed by Daryl Hall)
  • Time’s All Gone
  • Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles cover)

Check the brilliant, original collaboration here.


Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots takeover the Larimer Lounge…


Some acts exude that live performance persona; an aura that on record speaks of a potential confidence in front of a live audience. Nick Waterhouseno stranger ’round these parts as of late — through his song crafting abilities put into my head he’d smoke in a club; something about striving for that true throwback sound, a vibe that fought for 110% at all moments. The showman who wouldn’t stop until the room’s walls were dripping with sweat that originated from the intensity of the bodies and feet shuffling, swaying in time, and jiving like this was the last night of their lives.

Well, the dapper  young Los Angeleeese conductor of all things hip and electrifying transcended anything I could have begun to envision….

To jump start an evening consisting of a one-two Los Angeles soul revivalist punch, MHSC warmed up the Larimer Lounge’s dancing feet by showcasing their wide breadth of soul knowledge. Allah-Las, a fresh surf-inspired Los Angeles act, presented their freshly pressed self-titled debut. A record with melodies reminiscent of ocean waves, tales of passed loves, and a yearning to bring yesterday’s sound back. By the finale of Allah-Las’ set, which headliner Nick Waterhouse accompanied on organ, the Larimer Lounge’s feet and blood were ready for the 50s R&B powerhouse that is Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots. The dapper 26 year old confessed to the crowd that this tour was “the realization of my dreams”. The inaugural show of a 22 stop national tour, Nick and his Tarot’s blazed through a set with a fierce intensity and precision.

Though its his sound, the man knows when it’s time to pay the heroes of yesterday respect. The finale of what could most likely be the performance of 2012, was a cover of “It’s All Over Now”, a track originally performed by Bobby Womack. The bandleader and his Tarots were accompanied by the Allah-Las to form the ultimate 10 piece act. The pure musicianship and desire to corroborate my hopes for what his live show could be, were smashed. Time’s All Gone has been in constant rotation for months; what was presented though, wasn’t that same record. Songs were intensified, vocals were notes hit right the first time; the passion exuded from this sextet wasn’t what you expect from a man with a debut record, on a Wednesday night, kicking off a tour. In Denver. But the passion of a man, perhaps a movement, who’s looked into the future and knows what it takes to be one of the greats.

The Now Sound From Way Back…

A “cow town” just doesn’t draw like some cities. Even though Denver isn’t too small, at about 611,000 people, its location I think holds it back from really drawing any bands/acts I crave. If you and your outfit rolls into town, you have a long haul to any major cities for your next gig. But then LCD’s mastermind is spinning records here in a week — Nancy of that same act spun ALL vinyl here in May. Regardless, Nick Waterhouse, who’s been burning up my charts with his classic 50s r&b sound channeled through a hip and energetic showman, has yet to grace this area.

Thanks to the always excellent KEXP 90.3 outta Seattle, Nick Waterhouse and The Tarots rip through a set of five songs; each one laced with another sweet swagger and coolness to bring a sound of yesterday to me today. In live video form.

“That’s my sound; it’s the sound that came through me.”


I Can Only Give You Everything


Sleeping Pills

Some Place

Is That Clear

Take in the five song set and learn a little about the hippest boy I’ve yet to witness live.

Rumors are he’s on a massive tour come fall.


Time’s All Gone…

I revive nothing, I only play music I want to hear.

There’s no shame in bringing a sound back. Aren’t most musicians in some way or another paying homage to their heroes of yesterday? For the most part, it has all been done before, so if there was a sound you dug, why not bring on a revival of sorts; if you’re lucky, make your act a septet, and pronounce them The Tarots. 25 year Nick Waterhouse outta the O.C. is bringing a sound to my ears that sounds reminiscent of a movement that might have been dropped in the mid to late 50s; possibly, even at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. But with a certain precision-like, hipness and cool swagger to the music. His concoction with the Tarots is like stepping into your father or grandfather’s favorite jazz meets classy rhythm and blues club, where the air permeates with smoke, the lighting is dark, and who’s ever on stage is igniting the dance floor.

Nick’s tastes and ear for music must be similar to mine; my digital 45 continues to spin his Time’s All Gone LP because that’s what I want to hear, too.

Nick Waterhouse – Say I Wanna Know

Rebel Style: Nick Waterhouse c/o GQ

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