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The ending of an era?

What was your first time like? The moment that loss became a reality. Initially, the feeling is life altering. Everything is different moving forward. You quickly flashback through every vivid memory they created for you. Some, disposable; others, embedded in your thoughts forever — an event that became an unforgettable experience. Suffering a break-up is nothing you should wish on anyone.

The reality, most of your favorite bands didn’t fade away. They broke up but you no longer were keeping tabs on them. For me, the first vivid recollection I have is the email stating Triple Fast Action, Chicago’s punchy definitively 90s rock act, were calling it quits. The news was difficult to fathom, tough to swallow. After two timeless records, an incalculable amount of spins, TFA was no more. The frontman, Wes Kidd, was off to NYC to pursue other ventures. Their drummer, Brian St. Clair, was now single.

Odd timing. 50% of Local H was moving on and a vacant position existed for a drummer. Insert Brian, an Animal-like time keeper. Both members of Local H were now 100% about the music. Their passion for this project was clearly exuded on record and in a live setting. Fast forward 14 years — about 2/3 of the time music mattered to me — and one half of Local H is taking an alternate path, one that doesn’t lead to shattering ear drums care of hard hitting, insightful Chicago rock.

Two Chicago-based acts still exist from my 90s heyday. Smoking Popes, the punky romantics, and one of the most mentioned artists on this periodically updated blog, Local H. As a rock N roll professional, Scott Lucas is forging ahead with this 20 plus year old project. No new drummer has been named, but there has been no mention of Local H’s demise. For close to a decade and a half, one of my favorite Chicagoans and 1/4 of what made up one of my favorite acts, penned songs together, turned all live shows up to 11, and carried on a tradition: further proving Chicago’s heyday wasn’t only in the 90s.


Hawksley’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”…

Like I needed further confirmation. The much talked about Hawksley Workman, an Ontarian one man jam composing most all, continues to take me aback. Sometimes his sexed up glam meets fuzzy rock is where I feel he excels; but a stripped down ballad care of feathery keys and his moving, emotionally laced voice makes me weak at the knees. Yea, weak. Believe it.

My buckling knees asked him to stop. Hawksley continues to impress by showcasing his unique rendition of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. A cover originally appearing on the “Anger As Beauty” single as a b-side. Embarrassing as it is, a cover new to me — though it was released a decade ago. I mean, I can’t be up on everything.

All covers should be reinterpreted. Hawksley flips the script and places his cabaret, meets hypnotic sensual groove all over it…

Hawksley Workman :: Love Will Tear Us Apart

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