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You Can’t – I Can’t Let Go…

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Would it be a catastrophe to disregard all new music? Specifically, cease searches for the next intriguing act, not big, because like you, I’m all about substance over style. I should allocate all resources and efforts into discovering – re-discovering for some – the groups and songs of past. The tracks that are timeless; ones that people return to again and again; songs that ignite musicians to become who they are today. Immerse myself in artists of yesterday that influenced acts I praise today. Surely, no one has time to keep tabs on the current happenings and attempt to play catch-up with acts from a generation or two ago, right?

No. While viewing 1/7th of a 70 minute documentary on the French act Phoenix’s listening habits, where the boys converse about 20 of their favorite tracks, I discovered a pop gem from my parents’ generation. I Can’t Let Go, by Evie Sands, clocks in at a crisp 2:18 seconds and follows a less is more philosophy. Like the French foursome examines, the idea is to compose songs that aurally appear simple; although in reality, require sweat, experimentation, and maybe a happy accident or two. Or, maybe, pop composition is something that came instinctively to Ms. Sands. And now, like our narrators, I love this song, too.

Evie Sands :: I Can’t Let Go

Another overlooked gem with a similar musical structure (i.e. a fuckin’ gem)

Frank Wilson :: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)


Saturday Night Funk, In Video Form…

Rarely do I make the effort or create the time to watch a video online –without flipping tabs, checking my email, picking up my cellie, ETC. But this just happened with Ethan Goldhammer‘s In the Pocket (Rhodes and Moog Light Paint). Take some funky piano – heavy on the Rhodes – put in some background beats, a la Prefuse 73, and add rather captivating visual/camera effects. Makes me realize maybe videos are worth taking a step back for…


Nerdcore Hip-Hop’s Mountain Kind!

I like my hip-hop party oriented, or fun and carefree. In MC Frontalot‘s case, nerdcore hip-hop can work, too. What that means? I dunno – nor does it really matter. Murs said it best when he did a guest spit on Z-Trip’s Breakfast Club:

if you can’t relate to this song you’re taking this shit too serious. It’s hip-hop, man, it’s-it’s fuckin’ fun.
Yes! The fun begins below: tropical beats, laid-back lyrics, and the fire to make you move; or at least bounce around, a lil' bit.

MC Frontalot :: Mountain Kind

In MiS history – well contributor history, specifically – this track was featured on a mix I made back in ’03. Six years later, the Mountain Kind still works wonders.


Mahaffey, the One-man Jam, Speaks to You…

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This blog’s glue, Matt Mahaffey, the man behind sElf, a quirky act we love – and you should too – let us into his head when he fielded questions from Rock Sell Out. And after the man shares his wisdom, for the beginner, amateur sElf fan, Matt shares 10 of his favorites in mix form.

After reading this, I have a feeling, a strong inkling, that whenever Matt decides to unleash his genius, we’ll all be in for a big, pleasant surprise. Good looks with the link, dude.

Interview here

Matt’s top 10 sElf songs

A song missing from that top 10…

sElf :: Waiting

BVS: You have produced a lot of record over the years ranging from Hellogoodbye to The Sounds. Has there been any specific records that stand out to you as your best work or one that you hold a fond memory of?

MATT:  sElf – Breakfast With Girls

You don’t say, Matt?

BVS: What is planned for Self for the next 6 months? With a child on the way, do you have any plans to tour? Do you have any non Self related projects you are looking forward to?

MATT: The plan is to finally launch my web-site, with downloads & video.  That’s something i’m excited about. Right now, My web existence is solely a handful of fans running on fumes.  Bless their hearts, the ones who have hung in there tho’, they’re gonna get some special treatment when the record finally drops, cause they really deserve it & yeah, a tour will be great once the record is finished. As far as non-sElf related, I guess I’m excited about the new Hellogoodbye record I’m producing…Forrest has really come into his own on this one & also, for selfish reasons, the Tina Parol debut coming out on Motown…cause it’s her voice with me playing all the instruments.

Deadmau5 says, Hi Friend!

Techno, house, with an electro tinge, whatever you want to call this energetic blast, Deadmau5 caught my attention. The late 20s Toronto beat maker is creating interesting dance music – it’s that simple. On Hi Friend!, the bleeps and blops pulsate, while Deadmau5 builds, builds, and builds with his uplifting beatwork. His compatriot, MC Flipside, laces his vocal delivery over the five plus minutes of hard-hitting club mastery.

R.I.Y.L:: Digitalism, Booka Shade, and Boyz Noize

Deadmau5 :: Hi Friend!

Chicago-based mixmasters, The Hood Internet, blend DeadMau5 with the Fugee’s outspoken Lauryn Hill on Moar Doo Wop N Whatever

Hood Internet :: Moar Doo Wop N Whatever (Deadmau5 vs Lauryn Hill)


Let’s Take a Walk With Mr. Saadiq…

From the man formerly known as Toné – or was it Toni? Maybe Tony? Regardless, the dapper Raphael Saadiq moved me with his rhythm and deep soul adoration last year with his The Way I See It. The record, one that still receives frequent play, has unleashed Take a Walk in video from – and to continue his classic motif, Raphael goes B&W with this one. Its minimalistic feel with ladies galore accentuates this slow burner perfectly. Yes, I watched the video; more importantly, I began to appreciate the song even more.


When Predicability Becomes a Good Thing…

Change in music is a good thing. No one wants to become or known as predictable. But when witnessing a live act – one as fuzz-infused and captivating as Autolux – I expect to know what’s around the corner, or in other words: what type of chaotic fury the Los Angeles trio will leave us with. After four years’ time, Autolux finally ventured into my area; they unleashed songs, new to me, that await us in the first quarter of 2010. Yes, six years post Future Perfect. And like many times before, to leave us aghast into the night, the trio, with their sonic weapons unleashed a dynamic, hazy, freak-out that only Autolux are capable of composing and laying down flawlessly. Every time. To close out the set. Synchronized precision is their specialty…

Autolux :: Reappearing (Live)

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