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The Generator!

Release a stunner of a debut, connect with the masses care of your explosive single, and then quietly fade away. This is what I know of Elastica – a British quartet responsible for catchy, upbeat, and pop-oriented tracks with a true kick. Hip, yet totally approachable, no matter whose ears the short and sexy sounds fell upon.

One morning, while at work in my – we’ll say office – one of my co-workers walked in, started bobbing her head and tapping her foot. With a jubilant smile and with an energetic tone, exclaimed, Who is this?! Simply, it was Elastica’s debut. This woman, an avid fan of the arts, said she needed this record for tomorrow. This group had that immediacy in their sound. And I did comply with her wishes. Her life is now complete.

From their follow-up to their self-titled debut, I give you one minute and 50 seconds of freak out. A staccato delivery from our front woman with her counterpart assisting harmoniously; driving, playful guitar work; and a pace that one can only sustain for under 120 seconds. Even a small Trunk Full Amps vibe interspersed.

Elastica :: Generator

Or in live, frolicking form…


Secret Machines :: Like I Can

The Secret Machines have done a few things for me:

Have the ability to grow on me exponentially

– Perform First Wave Intact, a song I still proclaim is my favorite live song. Ever.

Epically performed an explosive, synchronized performance when they brought their In the Round series to Chicago’s Park West; which quickly became a favorite moment in my showography.

My resume for them is impressive. If they, even though the lineup isn’t the same, release new material, I’ll give it my ears. Again and again…

Secret Machines :: Terrible Lies

Secret Machines :: Like I Can


Happy House From the Double Door!

When you miss a show, one with a momentous closer, do you watch/listen to a live clip in awe or disgust? I’m still trying to figure out the answer to my own question – but leaning towards the latter. Juan Maclean, the spacey house creator of last year’s The Future Will Come, an album best described as if LCD’s Sound of Silver butted heads with Human League, ripped up Chicago’s Double Door last year with Happy House. The evidence, and the ability for you to quickly find your gruuuve, await you below.

Yea, I’m going to go with disgust. 21 minutes of excellence!

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