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MTV Seats S(ilversun) P(ickups)

The intimate performance of MTV’s Unplugged is tough to step to. Yesterday, I sent an email to a few Mana – the Latin rockers from Guadalajara – aficionados asking where to begin with their catalog. Their unanimous response: Mana Unplugged or their En Vivo LP because they’re a great live band. And a few days ago, I couldn’t resist the temptation to spin the album when MTV forced Rod Stewart to sit for a rather electric set. Fast forward to 2009 where Los Angeles’ fuzzsters Silversun Pickups are asked to please take their seats for six up close and personal songs. And now all this Monday needs is SP announcing they’re attending Monolith.

Check the six song set here.

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SP Continue To Swoon Me…

Picture 1

It’s the raucous, dreamy fuzz; the ability to bring back that ‘90’s sound; and pure energy in a live setting that make me do a repeat of 2006endlessly spin the latest from the Los Angeles quartet Silversun Pickups. Back in early ’06, while at the 400 capacity Schubas, within 30 seconds of SP ripping into their set, the girl in front of me, wails, “This is way too loud! I’ll be outside!” All I could do was smile and experience their booming sound…..

Recently, the quartet stopped by The Interface and Yahoo’s The New Now to bring their updated 90’s sound to your computer’s screen. Each site offers its own renditions of various texturized fuzzy rock. “Growing Old Is Getting Old” lurks below…

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Silversun Pickups Submerge Themselves…

We have an orchestra this time…

If not this, there is no doubt Silversun Pickups have been my best discovery the past four years. Guitar driven tracks layered in rich and sonic textures you can’t even begin to distinguish. This quartet is bringing that 90’s fuzz back; and maybe even better this year than three years ago.

Check Billy’s worst nightmare as they host Subterranean. Brian Aubert and company shed light on where the mood of this record stems from; why his vocals sound feminine at times; the local LA scene; and influences that include Sonic Youth & Madonna.

You may hear “Reeling” from Passion Pit; Gaslight Anthem, too!

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I’m Waiting and Fading and Floating Away!

Silver Lake’s Silversun Pickups were naturally going to be my most anticipated record of this year. Their EP produced non-stop goodness, with knockout moments; and their debut full-length got infinite plays in ’06. Now, Swoon has been unleashed upon us, and it has lived up to all expectations. The same formula still exists: androgynous vocals, textures molded together to form one wall of sound, a late 90’s fuzzed out rock blast, and now, an addition of a live string set. Their follow-up LP delivers. “Panic Switch” awaits you below…

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I’m Over My Sophmore Jinx..

On April 14th, the Los Angeles quartet Silversun Pickups are set to release their follow-up to 2006’s Carnavas. As with any long player, the artist hopes to encapsulate the listener in a journey of sound – aural pleasure more like. This time around, Silversun Pickups are hoping you faint with raw and heartfelt emotion – or Swoon. If you check the video below, about reasoning behind this LP, you hear how again SP (ironic?) desire to blend their textures seamlessly together so not even they can differentiate what instrument is doing what. And oh, if I had to tell you – the dedicated MiS reader – what LP I most desire to hear in 2009, it wouldn’t be this,  (I’m a realist) but the follow-up to my favorite record of 2006….

If you forgot, “Kissing Families” and “Comeback Kid” , off Pikul, is a contender for the best one-two-punch on an EP. Ever.

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Too early for a best of 2006 list?


As the finale of 2006 rapidly approaches, and we anxiously await the last day of December (New Year’s Eve) a time like now is when I begin to ponder what few albums were standouts of this year. No offense to Damien Rice, but I don’t think he’s bringing loud guitars, bass, fuzz, and any other essential ingredient to concoct a rock record on 11/14. (“9” is highly anticipated by me) If I were to judge my favorite album this year based on the amount of listenings I’ve had with each of the records I purchased, then it would without a doubt go to “Carnavas” by LA’s Silversun Pickups. Earlier this year someone with similar musical tastes highly recommended a band that had the sound of Autolux, the Smashing Pumpkins, and HUM. Of course, it’s all been done before and those three bands were all influenced by greats before them, but that was maybe one of the better R.I.Y.Ls that I’ve ever heard. Hopefully in the near future, I will share with you all the best R.I.Y.L that I ever came across.

Right now though, this record is one that has practically followed me around everywhere I go. There are plenty of artists out there that put out amazing records and then to supplement that spectacular record, they put on a show so jaw dropping that you never want that set to end. My fellow contributors can name a few other artists that share that same similarity. The other song offerings on this site have been rather easy to decide upon, but to me, I could have shared any of the 11 tracks off this record, because I just do find it that good. Please enjoy.

Dream at tempo 119

Common reactor

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