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Our Year Featuring Hawksley Workman…

The multi-faceted one-man jam, Hawksley Workman is always keeping me guessing. The Canadian had another eclectic year with his upbeat, electro-rock self and his minimalist piano perfection side, too.

When the Ontarioan makes his voice the forefront of a performance, the outcome is moving. Hawksley pairs up with fellow compatriot by way of Glasgow John McDermott to bring more moving minimalism with Our Year.

The original can be found here; what’s below doesn’t appear too synched up with the audio…


12 Months Later…

How relevant is a top 10 list when in reality, you’re only really still listening to a few of last year’s records? As I use this blog as an archive of ’09, I’ve quickly realized a top 5 would have been more appropriate. My list from last year –one I can only get half into a year later – has not held up super great over time. If I’d do it again, I’d take five of those 10 records and accurately place them in spots they’re truly worthy of. I simply take a record and place it into its respective spot based on spins received. My top 5 of ’09 done right in ’10:

#5 Yuksek :: Away From the Sea

#4 Royksöpp :: Junior

#3 Das Pop :: s/t

#2 The Dream :: Love Vs Money

#1 Prairie Cartel :: Where Did All My People Go

When I made my list last year, this record was only two months old. By the time this record was released, I had many of these tracks already as miscellaneous MP3s and had seen Prairie Cartel, according to one, over 100x. I wasn’t in dire need of acquiring this LP. I thought I practically had it on my HDD already. Wrong. Upon hearing this Chicago-based supergroup in proper studio form, I was instantly hooked. Take the elements I loved from their former selves and blend it with beats to create my perfect mix.

Prairie Cartel :: Cracktown

Prairie Cartel :: No Light Escapes Here


Top Five Tracks of ’10…

2010 started with endless potential. The first quarter alone produced enough to begin compiling best of lists. Favorite artists of mine played a slight variation of the boy who cries wolf – with the wolf being a record. Gizmodgery will get its follow-up. With the quantity of quality that was being thrown at us faster than this blog went from something to nothing, the year was inevitably going to produce strong tracks. Some, like my favorite of this year, were songs I couldn’t get enough of numerous times a day. I hope you never pulled up to me at a red light when that song was on blast….

As I peruse this list, and you know where I stand musically, it’s almost predictable. But really, not one you’re seeing anywhere else…

#5  Robyn :: None of Dem featuring Royksöpp

Robyn, the pop princess, teams with the Norwegian duo Royksöpp to bring bounce, bass, and beats to make me shake.

#4 Hawksley Workman :: The Sweetest Thing

I never dug myself out of that rut Hawksley put me in. Care to share another track done on the minimal this sincere and beautiful from ’10?

#3 Local H :: Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio cover)

Is it coincidence things Scott Lucas touches continue to end up on my best-of lists? A dedication to the craft of rock is what continues to have him top my charts. A monster. And to hear it live, with only an acoustic, makes him look and sound even better than on record plugged in.

#2 sElf :: Could You Love Me Now

Classic Matt Mahaffey right here. It took a few spins to seep into my system, but after it did, this one clicked. Matt doing what he does best: composing pop with sweet simplicity.

#1 Harvey Danger :: The Show Must Not Go On

The definitive break-up track? Who knows. Hits harder than anything else I heard this year. Truly, I can’t stop playing this. And live, too.

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