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U.K. MC Takes NYC….

A former writer (jokes this week, or no?) for this blog mentioned this U.K. hip-hop duo way back when – and a few of their songs still get consistent rotation on my decks.  Below, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip drop a little science with the help of a street musician on the lower east side of NYC….

Thank you, URB.


Making Your Wacky Wishes Come True!

And a 6-4 Impala!

And a 6-4 Impala!

I wish I was like six-foot-nine/So I could get with Leoshi

Back in ’95, a diminutive, yet playful MC by the name of Skee-Lo decided to drop his humor on us all.  This was a time when I was in high school, did play ball, couldn’t even get the hood rats – but I could get down to the man’s “I Wish” rhyme.  As someone who can relate to a song about being a tad taller, this song could have been my theme song.  Luckily for me, the group I rolled with had an even smaller dude who also did play ball, so instead of people labeling me Skee-Lo, this guy got that title.  But now, the boots give me that extra boost!

Even for people of proper height, a crossover that snaps ankles, and the ability to nab fly girls, the playfulness and party like theme make this an instant classic.

Skee-Lo :: I Wish

Get your wish on in video format….


Hitsville, U.S.A. – That Oakland, CA Sound…

What’s the use when it’s all been done before, right?  Wasn’t the soul era perfected over 40 years ago?  I really don’t know – especially since it ultimately took a few white musicians (Z-Trip’s Motown Breakdown mix & Jamie Lidell) from the 21st century to introduce me to the laid-back sounds of a genre definitely lacking from my music collection.  I’m still in my infancy when it comes to this sound, which is more like a feeling than anything; but I’ve definitely begun to realize why the word “timeless” is thrown around so frequently when discussing an Otis Redding or Sam Cooke record.  And now maybe the name Raphael Saadiq should be included with those heavyweights, too.

Raphael was a part of Tony! Toni! Toné!; you remember, “Feels Good” and  “If I Had No Loot”.  Post the swingy r&b group, he dabbled in some production and songwriting, even winning numerous accolades.  Fast forward to 2008 where Mr. Saadiq has released his third LP – The Way I See It.  Yea, the record is a throw back to the greats, an homage perhaps to all the great R&B records that came before this one, but the melodies are there, the harmonies soar, and the man even recruits the part-time lover, Stevie Wonder on this soon to be top 10 record for me.  Lose yourself in this man’s music….

Raphael Saadiq :: “Big Easy”

Raphael Saadiq :: “100 Yard Dash”

If you’re feeling these, F.Y.E. is offering The Way I See It as a free download.  Do not sleep!


Muxtape – An Update….

“an extremely powerful platform with unheard-of simplicity for artists to thrive on the Internet.”

Muxtape was an effortless, yet so worthwhile site; it wasn’t entirely new, but Mux was simplicity at its best.  Well, all good things come to an end.  Muxtape was temporarily shut-down because of legal rights.  How could one post songs on the ‘Net without anyone’s permission first?  The founder, Justin Ouelette, after the RIAA put shackles on him, claimed he’d return with an even better platform.  Unfortunately for us, that most likely won’t happen.  Instead, he’s putting another site out for independent bands to upload their music, post tour information, sell music, etc.  Don’t we already have one of these?  I know this guy and this one do.

In the meantime, try Opentape – the younger brother of Muxtape.


Smooth It Out With the Vampire Mix…

No, not another post about those jangly folks in Brooklyn.  But wait, it’s about another four-piece from the borough next door – that being A Tribe Called Quest and Brooklyn’s neighbor: Queens.  And if you don’t know/remember them, they put out five LPs that some consider being the catalyst for intelligent hip-hop.  You can form your own opinions by spinning their records.  Something we can both agree on though is the remix below and its brilliance….

Norman Cook – A.K.A. Fatboy Slim was also part of a movement in the 1990’s; that being the big-beat movement.  He may have been known for dumbing down dance music for the masses, although I saw it as making it more digestible for you and me.  He was responsible for getting me into more electronic based music in the late 90’s.  In 2000 though, he flipped the script and released a remix album – The Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook collection – with songs from Beats International, (a Cooke side project) A Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, etc.  The album spans across all feel good genres, like reggae, house, hip-hop, and includes his fun, party-like attitude. Give a spin to Tribe’s “I left my wallet in El Segundo” – that originally appeared on ATCQ’s ’90 album, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.  And then see how laid-back, smooth, yet funky Mr. Cook can flip it…

A Tribe Called Quest :: I left my wallet in El Segundo

A Tribe Called Quest :: I left my wallet in El Segundo (Vampire Mix)


Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa

It must be good to inspire a post from my quiet self.  After some late summer traveling and feeling further behind in my dissertation, I’m trying to get back in a writing groove on all fronts.  I recently signed up for a free 30-day trial of Sirius Internet Radio and heard this little Swedish gem.  I know nothing of the band, Parken, but this tune is fun.

“Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa”


What Was the Story, Morning Glory?

When I visited Toronto, I found the locals to be rather friendly, almost inviting, especially at the Thai restaurant.  That restaurant should have thrown us out because of how loud Jason was being while downing cans of Sparks, but no, our pork satay was still served.  I would have never thought this town had angry music fans in their late 40’s.  Well, again, I was mistaken.  Over the weekend, during an Oasis set at the Toronto Virgin Music Festival, someone wasn’t too happy with Liam’s vocals on “Morning Glory” and decided he’d stop singing if the brother was taken out.  If you’ve yet to witness this moronic move, check it below at about the 1:25 mark.

Big ups to the one who broke this to me.


Your Death Creates Success–An Appreciation

It’s been almost five years (UK release) since Muse unearthed their flawless record Absolution.  Over on one of the message boards I frequent, a great deal of the members are doing their own rendition of Listmania and compiling their top 100 albums of all time.  This would turn into an ordeal for me.  Seriously, what criteria does one use to determine if record A should rank higher than record B; I dunno.  This I do know though: Absolution would fall into the top 20.  How did I stumble on that number you may ask?

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When a Hallmark Simply Won’t Cut It…

Where is MiS Headed?

It’s not lack of post worthy topics right now that is bringing me to share this site with you.  In actuality, I see potentialmaybe to bring a laugh–from a website that multitasks the way Postcard.FM does. It’s an update on a greeting card, really.  Stupid you’re thinking, right?  Perhaps but maybe not–The twist is you can add a custom picture, message, and an entire streaming MP3 to your card.

As of now, the site is completely ad-free and there isn’t a sign of the RIAA.  Remember Muxtape? Postcard.FM could meet that same demise since MP3 sharing is involved.  Like Mux, Postcard has a link to purchase the MP3 directly from

I made a card for you below….

What could it possibly be?


The Gloves are Off…

Here we come, drop kick, half nelson, full nelson, Willy Nelson, Willy Nelson

Hot Chip drops the video Hoff has been waiting for: “Wrestlers”.  Is that the man we go “apeshit” for featured in this video too?  Why, I think it is!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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