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I’m Not Gonna Teach Him How To Dance With You

The Black Kids are no stranger to the Internet.  After launching their Myspace page with four solid songs last year, the 5-piece from Jacksonville, Florida quickly developed a local following and subsequent buzz among music blogs all over the world.

A quirky video surfaced on Scotland’s XFM Radio website a couple weeks ago with “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” as the music bed.  The premise behind the video:

Ever wondered what goes on at the station when one of our presenters play a song on air? No? Well you might after this video.

The playful, new wave vibe of the song immediately connects with the antics (captured on a shaky camera) by the DJ and a slew of his radio station cohorts.  The video itself has been making the rounds quite a bit lately, and rightfully so.  Not only does it make me long to work at a radio station like this, it’s also proof that Irn Bru cannot be faded.  I miss my brief stay in Edinburgh last fall.  I’ll surely be back some day.

He’s got two left feet and he bites my moves…


Shit. Not Another Four-Piece From Brooklyn…


I’m bound to talk about this one at the end of the year.

You know how attractive girls tend to usually have equally pretty friends? If you think she’s hot, a wait till you see her friends type thing? Well, I’ve seen this with musical artists too, but in a different aspect: musical style. Some of my collection has been built around artists that toured with other like-minded groups or are known to simply, be friends. Take my potentially favorite new act of 2008 – The Jealous Girlfriends. They roll with a few acts we all know and love: Nada Surf and Sea Wolf, amongst others; Sea Wolf roll with these favorites of mine from ’06 and then they spend time with Earlimart. Six degrees of something happening here. Just like Nada, the Jealous Girlfriends stem from Brooklyn, NYC. Why you need to listen comes after the jump.

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Chicago Stylee


You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours. The mixologists over at the Hood Internet upped their latest mixtape today. Since it’s VS Chicago this time, they are only incorporating Chicago-based artists. Just like always, some brilliant moments here. Prairie Cartel (“Homicide” like you heard on IV’s radio) Vs Hollywood Holt; Kanye West Vs ‘85 Bears; Juice Vs Liz Phair. Yea, it might not be for everyone.

The Hood Internet VS Chicago (Individual tracks)




I like bouncy, electro-influenced pop, especially as of late. Make it lively with synths soaring up and down like you’re floating through space and that just might be it- a solid pop song. And just for one contributor in particular, Leslie Feist adds her warm voice to create harmonious bliss, or something that sounds nice. This is all courtesy of the female band out of the San Fran area, Rubies. “I Feel Electric” appears on their debut LP, Explode From the Center. And if you were to listen beyond what’s below, their Swedish label (Hybris) finds them to possess these qualities:

Danceable folk, homemade disco, and lost love laments; these are just a few facets of Rubies.

Musically, the playfulness of this single jumps right to mind, as does any upbeat song from the Postal Service or Junior boys, but on the feminine tip, of course.

The Rubies :: “I Feel Electric”

Or the bike themed video can be found here.


Can I Say That? Right On….


The single is “Pork and Beans”. This is uhhh…a Brazilian ass shaker right here. Only party true. It’s just the latest video/single from that band you liked in the mid-90s, Weezer. Our boy makes an appearance; as does this idiot. I personally believe that US Americans….

Give this video three minutes of your time, and for some, you may even dig the song.


Am I Jeopardizing MiS’ Credibility?


It’s only mid-May, but I would like to think my favorite LP of this year has already surfaced and it won’t be winning me any hipster points. That’s OK with me though. It doesn’t even bother me that some fans of this record wear their hats backwards or could be angry frat boys, maybe even douchebags. Regardless of who’s banging ‘12 Angry Months’ (Shout! Factory) in their speakers, Local H continues to bring the rock in the form of another concept album – 98’s ‘Pack Up the Cats’ theme was shooting for the top of the charts. 2008’s record focuses on a past relationship that ended rather rough, apparently. Hit the jump for a small taste and my take on that 7-day stretch of H.

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Soulwax Clearly Don’t Sleep; neither should you….


If you seen my name on a post lately, you can probably expect a few things: a follow-up to a post of mine, an Autolux mention, a reference my contributors roll their eyes at, or a quick Soulwax write-up. This time around, it’s another head nod to the boys over in Belgium. (Soulwax) No, they haven’t gotten around to recording a proper follow-up to 2004’s Any Minute Now, because the Dewaele brothers are too busy tinkering in the lab with hits from 1969’s Let It Bleed, of course.

This re-edit appeared on that much hyped hipster soundtrack, 21. Really, soundtracks are still released in 2008? Throw your belt down and get your bounce on below….

The Rolling Stones :: You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Original)

The Rolling Stones :: You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Soulwax re-edit)

Purchase either of these tracks through Amazon’s MP3 store: Original or Re-edit


Audience No. 2


I am your vegetable

It wasn’t Autolux‘s vocals that initially hooked me anyways; the feedback heavy guitar work creating atmospheric tones was, I think. Oh, the female drummer can bang with the best of them and it’s more than apparent on Transit Transit‘s lead single, “Audience No. 2”. It’s been four years since their last LP, but this new single is a tell-tale sign all things are right with this LA-based trio.

Autolux originally tried to release this single via Snocap, but there were complications. These hiccups caused them to do one of those pay us what you want for our art deals. They understand fidelity and decided to release this as a wav file. Cough up a little something for this one here.

Autolux :: Audience No. 2


Pushin’ Angles


It’s the precision in timing, essential to rhyming/If you wish to spit…. /You see image is nothing, imagination is everything. Is there anything you wear that’s more important than what you think? I think not as…cruise to Herbie Hancock as I ROCK OUT with snot.

Alright, maybe music out of Britain doesn’t just yield weird accents. Or, have I realized to finally listen (still struggle to decipher what they say though. you can correct my quote above) past a sound I once found bloody annoying. In the past year, there has been numerous acts from across the way that have definitely caught my attention. The science droppers of MiS have enlightened me to two in particular, and one is in my spotlight this moment-Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Read here what they’re all about.

These two characters are releasing their debut LP this week, Angles. Lyrics thrown down fiercer than your favorite episode of Def Poetry Jam, more intellect put into a single verse than all those Brit MCs combined, and beats that just might make your heart skip due to their unpredictable bounciness. Check the lead single,“Look for the Woman” here.

Get your science on–Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip :: Development

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