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Apparently, Coogi Sweaters Make the Sex Better!


Coogi sweaters are the shit. There are people that actually wear these sweaters and Boom Bip deemed it appropriate to craft a dance tune centered around them. “Coogi Sweater” is featured on his ’07 EP, Sacchrilege. Think a Daft Punk butting heads with a housey Felix da Housecat track that’s all tied together with lightly vocoded female lyrics.

Boom Bip :: ‘Coogi Sweater’

And if you already have not, please give this man’s side-project a listen.


Dance For Me, Girl

Dizzee RascalCalvin Harris

A couple of UK scenesters met up at a BBC Radio 1 festival last May and discussed a collaboration together.  It didn’t take long for Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris to reconnect to make something happen.  Over the course of the summer, Rascal and Harris electronically transferred tracks with one another.  There is no word yet on whether these songs will be featured on an album, but listening to “Dance For Me” certainly has me interested to hear the rest of the cuts. 

Put this on blast in preparation for Saturday’s tornado in the city…

Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris :: Dance With Me


You Have Two Options: Love or Darkness?

I Love

The good ol’ extended play is pretty famous around these parts; just ask the scientist on why he loves them oh so much. Way back in 2003, the Austin, TX quintet known as, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness put out one hell of a five track EP. There was some buzz some years ago centered on this act and after hearing this sampler of sorts, it was more than warranted, but what initially hooked me was who sat in on production: Britt Daniel of Spoon fame. To me, his touch is all over these songs. Various tracks sound like if Spoon decided to write darker songs, but also wanted to keep their poppy edge. These five tracks are drenched with Joy Division bass lines, shimmering guitars, and enough jangle to question why I’d even call this dark.

Perhaps a MiS first and maybe also what causes the demise of our blog, I present to you the EP in its entirety.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness :: s/t EP

“According to Plan” was a single from their 2006 full-length, Fear Is On Our Side.


Part Time Lover / Full Time Friend

Juno & Bleeker

I got swept up in the Juno wave a couple weekends ago.  The movie was as good as the hype, especially for tackling a complicated social issue with teen pregnancy.

Music played a big role in the movie.  The soundtrack is filled with indie-certified acts such as Velvet Underground, Cat Power, and Belle & Sebastian.  Kimya Dawson is featured throughout, both solo and with her former band, The Moldy Peaches

It has been well documented that Ellen Page, who plays Juno MacGuff in the film, had a big hand in Kimya Dawson’s musical participation within the movie.  After chatting back and forth with the movie’s director, Jason Reitman, Page suggested her character would probably listen to The Moldy Peaches.  Reitman took the idea and ran with it in more ways than one (the movie actually ends with Juno and her boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker (played by Michael Cera), singing a few verses of “Anyone Else But You.” 

The song is a good-natured, lo-fi, indie folk song about a couple realizing they are meant for each other as Dawson and bandmate, Adam Green exchange verses.  Although the topic is nothing new, the lyrics are downright quirky and carefree, which reduces the cheese-factor quite a bit.

Dave, I realize this isn’t a song you’d likely spin, but be sure to listen for the fantastic Nintendo reference in the middle of the song.

Also, I’ve heard from multiple people that I look a little like an older version of Michael Cera.  I don’t see it.  Do you?

The Moldy Peaches :: Anyone Else But You


No, Commercials Killed the Video Star!


My DVR prevents me from having to suffer through commercials, but then I’ll watch them online? It’s nothing new that ads and TV shows are now responsible for breaking artists to the masses or most likely in this case, to a domestic audience. We knew Goose’s ‘Bring It On’ had the goods for the club, and someone at Mitsubishi thought for a car ad, too. Can’t disagree. Maybe I should stop hitting fast forward?

Also, late last year, Hum, who was one of the better spacey rock bands ever featured ‘Stars’ in a commercial for a Cadillac. Since these brief snippets of these two epic tracks shouldn’t be the only things you hear from these two acts, I present to you a song from each artist below. Enjoy.

Goose :: ‘British Mode’

Click me for some of their latest remixes.

Hum :: ‘I Hate It Too’


You’ve Got No (Snail) Mail…For a Reason

Yeah, it’s a federal holiday, no USPS today.  As you know, today is a day to recognize the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and his accomplishments in the Civil Rights Movement.  Up until 2000 in my home state of Virginia, it was officially called Lee-Jackson-King Day.  Don’t ask, just read Wikipedia.  Talk about messed up.  I never knew that growing up, but I’m sure I was just in the wrong part of the state.

Recently, I’ve been listening to the great compilation “The Essential Sly & The Family Stone.”  It’s an amazing collection and reflects the genre-defying music of Sly Stone.  You’ve got everything from the relaxing sounds of “Hot Fun in the Summertime” to the in-your-face “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey.”  Unless you’ve heard it, you wouldn’t likely realize the next line of the chorus is “don’t call me whitey, nigger.”

On this day recognizing the accomplishments of MLK, it seemed prudent to post the classic “Everyday People” by the first significant integrated rock band.  It’s one of my favorite songs and I think King would have dug it.  I also plan from time to time on continuing to post some older songs.  I listen to them enough, I should give an occasional shout out

 “Everyday People,” released in 1968,#1 for 5 weeks


Hop in the De Lorean and Ride With Me…


The frontman behind the Welsh act Super Furry Animals and the not scared to experiment producer Boom Bip have decided to join forces to bring back the 80’s in a futuristic way. These two gentlemen are going under the moniker known as Neon Neon. For some, this is probably one of those dream collaborations, right? Gruff Rhys, who is a part of the rock, meets psychedelic electronic dabblers SFA, while Byron Hollon puts out songs with more of a hip-hop edge, but also recently generated more of a beat oriented dance EP that was entitled Sacchrilege. With rather diverse leanings from both artists, it comes as no surprise that their forthcoming album, Stainless Style dabbles with many different genres and focuses heavily on tight production.

Besides the potential that these two hold, this whole album is themed around the life of John De Lorean. No joke. And on top of all that, the guest list reads out like a V.I.P list – MC Spank Rock, Fatlip, Har Mar Superstar, etc. Give “I Told Her on Alderaan” a listen and then quickly jot this down on your upcoming best of ’08 list. Do not sleep.

Neon Neon :: I Told Her on Alderaan

You can hear three more tracks on their MySpace.


There’s a Reason He’s Lightspeed Champion

Dev Hynes has followed a typical music trek, born in Houston, from Guyana, living in London and recording in Omaha, Nebraska. The kids call him Lightspeed Champion. I call him good. The name is apparently from a series of comic strips he wrote in his math books as a teenager. His new album (produced by Saddle Creek producer Mike Mogis), set to be released Super Tuesday, February 5th, in the States is called Falling off the Lavender Bridge. Hynes has recently posted a video for the first single, “Tell Me What It’s Worth” on Youtube, in which he’s walking the streets of his current hometown, London. He also has the entire album streaming at his Myspace site. Take a listen. It’s good stuff. I know, you’re thanking me for the insightful review.

MySpace Site


MiS-ish, or hitting some highs, “back in the neighborhood”

Dave’s been hitting us with high-pitched vocal delivery a la Jacko and Prince for weeks. Tonight, listening to the Stars release from the fall, I immediately heard a song that I was surprised Dave hadn’t introduced to me. Torquil Campbell, ever the effervescent indie frontman, does his best Prince take. Dave will be eating this up for breakfast. Tally-ho!

“The Ghost of Genova Heights”


Couldn’t Resist….

I hate to step on toes, especially when there are two amazing posts below my filler, but this made me laugh….


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