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Oasis Sent a Photograph

Amanda Palmer

Since a fellow MiS member (and resident comedian) chose to post about Noel Gallagher’s recent comments made regarding Oasis’ most successful single ever, I thought I’d stay on topic and link to a fun, new video performed by Amanda Palmer.

Representing 1/2 of the punk cabaret duo, the Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer released a solo album earlier this year to mixed reviews.  The album was originally intended to encompass a bunch of songs left in purgatory after various recording sessions with her primary venture.  However, having randomly corresponded with Ben Folds last year, the two decided to record the tracks together at his studio in Nashville.

Folds’ influence and quirkiness is all over “Oasis,” as Palmer tells a story about sipping 40’s, banging a dude, contracting an STD, having an abortion, and getting into a battle with her best friend – all of which seems to be an after thought because she has tickets to see Blur in October and just received an autographed photo of those crazy Gallagher brothers.

That’s my kind of gal.  Rock n’ Roll.

:: Check it below ::

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And after all, you’re my…

Wonderwall.  Today’s inspiration comes from a fellow blogger – I think he still blogs for MiS, but his love for tonight’s subject is immense; actually to the point of worshiping the artist and his entire catalog. That gentleman was kind enough to send this to me:

Liam told me he hates “Wonderwall.” It’s the one song he literally hates singing. That’s interesting, because he would never say that to me. Well, I hate him singing it, too. Liam doesn’t sound like he did ten years ago. Your voice and your body change. We’ve never got it right. It’s too slow or too fast. I think Ryan Adams is the only person who ever got that song right. I’d love to do the Ryan Adams version, but in front of 60,000 Oasis fans that wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks again to this epic thread on the alt-country hero, Ryan Adams, his music has seen a sudden resurgence on my decks.  Ryan covered Oasis’ ’95 smash “Wonderwall” on the 2003 Love Is Hell Pt. 1 EP.  Before I share the cover of Wonderwall, there is a small connection to this song I’m sharing.  Way back in my sophomore year of high school, we were required to take a speech class.  And to grab our attention and make us care about this class, the teacher assigned us to choose a song we liked and then share it with the class.  This almost baffles me now, but I chose the Oasis single to read to the class.  That’s all it was – we had to read the lyrics to the class.  If I remember correctly, then we sat down.  No discussion about why we chose this, what those lyrics mean to us, no intriguing questions thrown at the audience, etc.  Did I then play the song for the class on CD while they all blankly stared at me?  You’d think, right?  This didn’t earn me any indie cool points.

MiS brings you, our faithful reader and avid alt-country fan, Adam’s rendition…

Ryan Adams :: Wonderwall


O My Heart!

Canada is where it’s at, I suppose.  This time around, it’s not Montreal but Vancouver where the fire stems from.  Mother Mother, who have quirky pop tendencies have recently released their second long player: O My Heart.  The title track has been on endless repeat here; for it’s throbbing bassline, dark, but at the same time uplifting melody (really) and layers of male/female harmonies.  Maybe if Office, Of Montreal, and ILYBICD jumped in bed together, they  fornicated and kicked something out, it might sound like what’s below.  Ba,ba, ba, bummm….

Mother Mother :: O My Heart



…your shit is like cold grits without the hot sauce….

It’s funny where inspiration for posts come from – especially when you find it in a Men’s Health magazine.  The mag asked the Abstract (Q-Tip) for five life tips and he happily obliged.  While reading them, I remembered the MC- who jump started the intelligent hip-hop movement-had some new music out.  But lately, I’ve been trying to ignore new music so I can play catch up on older releases – like this, especially.  I then realized his latest single could be vibrant and called up the man’s MySpace.

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First Wave Intact…

Last night, I was fortunate enough to witness the Secret Machines again – this time their stage wasn’t “In the Round”, like above.  It’s been two year’s time since that show at Park West left me wondering, Can I ever witness a show this impressive again? The answer to that question is still pending, of course.  Since that time, one of the founding members -Ben Curtis, the guitarist – of this dynamic, psychedelia meets dreamy pop concoction decided to leave to join another group.  And when founding members depart, rumors begin to fly from fans.  The most difficult rumor to swallow was along the lines of the new lineup putting people to sleep.  How the fuck would that be possible with monsters like “Lightning Blue Eyes” and the mammoth closer: “First Wave Intact”.

As a fan, I don’t want to hate on TSM, but there was about a 15 minute period last night where their intensity was deflated; almost to the point that not much was happening on stage.  I forgave them though; their encore was a monster.  Below, I’m upping the opening track from yesterday, “Dreaming of Dreaming” – which for some reason didn’t make the cut on this year’s LP.  And then the closer from last night’s set, “First Wave Intact”.  I’ve been tossing the idea around for the past twelve hours that this song might be my favorite live track…EVER.

TSM :: Dreaming of Dreaming

TSM :: First Wave Intact


High Praise from High Street, meet Glasvegas

The English press is notorious for its often ridiculous praise of its new potential musical heroes, especially if Alan McGee acts as discoverer.  Being the home of the Beatles can do that.  The newest band receiving the praise is Glasvegas, a contraction of the band’s home town Glasgow with Las Vegas.  I don’t know how the -vegas contractions got started, but the first example of it I heard was how locals in Nashville call it Nashvegas, because of its unbridled attempt to attract tourist dollars through thankless country music promotion, marketing, and spectacle.  Glasvegas seems particularly ill-fitting to attach such high pop culture gloss, but, then again, no one thought the biggest band in the world would come from the rough streets of Liverpool either.

I’ve only been listening to this release for a day, so it’s way too early in the lifespan of new release listening.  Although, bear in mind, I’m also one that usually loves to debate conventional press love-affairs (see a “Jangly Rant”).  While I’m not ready to declare, as NME, “There’s not enough hype in the world for Glasvegas,” I will say that Glasvegas has produced a pretty special debut and I’m not really countering any of the major press here.  There’s something a bit, dare I say, larger than life to their lyrics and instrumentation.  When all the rage in British indie music of late has been to write throwaway lyrics (of which I have no issue), it makes Glasvegas all the more refreshing to hear songs about a social worker (“Geraldine”), the obviously-titled “Daddy’s Gone,” or “Stabbed,” which addresses the rising violent knife culture in the UK over the music of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”  If Americans love to put a cap in your ass, then the British love to put a knife there and other places.  If you’ve visited the UK, and followed the news, the prevalence of knife violence is astounding.  However, in a time when we have one major political party questioning the value of community organizing and social work, it makes one smile to listen to Glasvegas open “Geraldine,” with “When your sparkle evades your soul/I`ll be at your side to console/When you’re standing on the window ledge/I`ll talk you back from the edge.”  It’s not quite “Say Something,” at this point in their career, but it’s solid stuff.

Speaking of James, I actually purchased Glasvegas because of the praise members of James were giving the band on their recent memorable trek across the States.  In time, I will attempt to put my thoughts to paper of what it meant to see and meet James after 15 years of waiting.  Surreal and magnificent.

Here are some tracks by Glasvegas to chew over.  “Daddy’s Gone” was a hit in the UK last year and since I keep mentioning, “Geraldine,” it’s included too.

Check out Glasvegas, seriously.  The album is currently available digitally in the U.S. through Amazon, iTunes, and Rhapsody (if someone actually uses Rhapsody, can you let us know who you are?).

:::: Glasvegas, “Daddy’s Gone”::::

:::: Glasvegas, “Geraldine”::::


Support Local Music, Right?

Cruisin’ down the block in my 9 Tray, bumpin’ Ad Rock, Mike, & MCA/ Went to the park to get the scoop/ Westside of the Chi…

Two days ago, I get one of those emails with the subject, “Ever wonder what happened to…?” My first inclination was no, but as soon as I saw a Myspace video link, I was intrigued.  This dude referenced was an ex-classmate and had a little thug in him, was rumored to be part of some drive-by shooting, amongst other fun things.  Regardless, from what I remember, he was a good guy.  A Mack, the now MC, is part of the group, G.U.N.S. Really?  Imagine some dude from your school showing up in some hip-hop influenced video where the ex-classmate of yours is the one spitting.

Here is the thing: I enjoy this song – it’s a lot better than what I expected.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Rescue Blues…

Heartfelt and stripped down to the core – and all on the keys.  On the Sound Opinions board, there is a mega thread about everyone’s favorite alt-country hero: Ryan Adams.  On page eight, I discovered this demo version of “The Rescue Blues”, which you may know, the final version appeared on Adams’ Gold, back in 2001. Highly recommended….

Ryan Adams :: The Rescue Blues (Q Division demo)


Parade – The Remix, dude…

…will not let it up, twirlin and flippin all of the music’s playin louder/ it’s all out of tune just turn it up, oh yeah/ crank it up, it’s the shittiest rock n roll ever played by anybody…

There is is this quartet out of Nashville, TN entitled Heypenny. They write some amazing pop numbers – and we’ve been composing a post about these gentlemen for over a year now, but we just can’t get it to sound right.  We’ve been sElfish for too long; it’s time MiS is graced with one of the better bands I’ve heard in some time.  I shared a sentiment during their last live gig that went something like, “This is my new favorite group outta TN.” MiS is never short on bands outta that region.  On record, I end up keeping the LP in my player for weeks, and live, the sheer excitement coming out of these quirky folks is astounding.  Heypenny – just like so many Tennessee acts – are struggling to secure a record label to release their forthcoming record.  In the meantime, we are receiving an alternate version of “Parade”, which originally appeared on Use These Spoons many years ago.

And with this digital release, we are receiving a video, too.  The video is fine, but I’ve seen better videos with an amateur vibe before.  Don’t judge their skills to aurally please you by their ability to produce a video.  Jason will complete that aforementioned writeup about Heypenny any day now; look out for a true look into one of the better finds in years….



Without the group sElf, our blog wouldn’t exist.  The pop virtuoso known as Matt Mahaffey has a way with quirky cuts and timeless melodies. The man has decided to post a new cut, “Monogamy”, from an album we will see when it’s ready.  Jump over to Matt’s MySpace for a taste of the only pop partner I’ll ever need in my life….

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