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2007 Albums :: Year In Review


I purchased my fair share of albums in 2007.  As I mulled over my favorites for the year, I had no problem listing ten albums I spun the most, but it was tough to position them in a ranking order.  There are a couple here that captured my attention and haven’t let go since.  But the rest leave me wondering whether they will hold up in the years beyond.  And so it goes…

A note about the list below:  This year, I played the game the way it is meant to be played.  I only considered full length albums physically released (and obtained) in the US in 2007.  That’s right.  No EPs.  No albums released in past years.  No advance copies (I saved Vampire Weekend for next year).  Maybe I’ll compile a separate list for those.  Just kidding.

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The LPs of 2007 That Mattered….


Here it is. As always, this was very difficult to compile and that’s mainly because this year produced more brilliant songs and tours than excellent albums that were truly compelling from beginning to end. The overall consensus on the Internet seems to be this year was good, but by no means great, which I’d have to concur with. My list is after the click. What did you think?

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Bang On!

What I thought could be a one week fad with me because of the over the top pop,  may be a strong contender on my end of year list. Private, who I have been sitting with for about two months now, has recently dropped their new single/video on us. ‘Crucify My Heart’ still hits hard. The video has a small Thriller feel to me. Digg it….


Murfreesboro Continues To Shine

Autobiographical Organization

Following the lead of MiS’s most prolific contributor, I’ve been sifting through my music files from 2007 in preparation for my year-end album reviews. 

There’s no denying the role played by bands from the Middle Tennessee area on this blog.  Self, The Features, and The Nobility have been featured here within the last year.  Here are two more bands to add to the list. 

How I Became the BombHow I Became the Bomb formed in 2005 and released an EP themselves in the Spring of 2006.  Let’s Go! is packed with 7 energetic pop songs backed by tons of synths/keys, chaotic guitars, and a driving beat.  The lyrics are particularly witty as the album takes on a theme of missed connections, secret admiration , dating monotony, and early relationship woes. 

“Secret Identity” begins with a chugging synth and snare beat before a rollicking piano riff jumps on board in the middle of the first verse. 

The band is currently sending a free MP3 of a song not included on the Let’s Go! EP to those who sign up to their mailing list.  Hit it up.

How I Became the Bomb :: Secret Identity

De Novo DahlDe Novo Dahl has been around since the beginning of the decade and have cultivated quite a following within the Nashville area.  Their whimiscal songs and quirky stage presence has given them a reputation for being an act not to be missed when on tour.  The band recently signed with Roadrunner Records and plan to release their second studio album early next year.  

“Shout” is three minutes of playful exuberance with a sing-along chorus that is nearly impossible to shake from your head. 

De Novo Dahl :: Shout


C’mon hide your lover underneath the COVERS!


Some covers that I enjoyed:

At times, it’s a random band covering a song you may dig; other times it’s one great act putting their own flavor on a modern day classic, or simply, Mahaffey doing what he does. These four after the jump caught my attention this year.

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Randominity-Part II!


Best Video:

Murs -‘Murray’s Revenge’

Yea, there are always great videos these days; this one couldn’t be touched though because of its throwback to one of the best video games of all time. Murs is really a great MC as well. Felt project with Murs and Slug of Atmosphere fame should be in your collection too.

Bill of the year:

This could be left blank and my intended audience would automatically know what I’m referring to. But, since our readership has grown, I won’t leave you with white space. Montreal’s Arcade Fire went on a 10-date tour with NYC’s LCD Soundsystem. I was there in 2007 at Red Rocks.

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Prince, meet Matt Mahaffey



Um, there is a new Matt Mahaffey track on his MySpace. It’s up for download. MM covers Prince’s 17 Days, which appeared on the flipside to the ‘When Doves Cry’ single from way back when. The man always comes correct when he covers one of his influences. A must listen! Is this the new direction for the record?

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