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25 Years of Local H…

Historical topics that pique my interest are captivating. A narrative written in autobiographical-like form, one that I feel almost eternally invested in, becomes an essential consumption. It’s a feat to last in the music game. You and your band released more than one record, you’re ahead of most. You’ve found enough grit and semi-success to last a decade, congratulations because you’re doing something right. The former Chicagoans of the Year, Local H, on the verge of unleashing their 8th LP, Hey Killer, have survived 25 years. But if my speakers and I are the judge, survived isn’t what Local H has done, they’ve thrived.

The band gets the significance of this milestone. On their Facebook page, they’re offering up stories of the past, studio tweaks, demos not many have heard, and tidbits on how certain songs became to be. As of now, they’re up to “Pack Up The Cats”, their third full length released in ’98.

Before “All the Kids Are Right” became the perfectly crafted story song it is, Scott looked to none other than Cheap Trick for inspiration and took his already written “Lead Pipe Cinch” and reworked it. Below, one example of the brilliant historical artifacts on display as the best duo in the game invite you to experience 25 Years of Local H:




Local H’s The Misanthrope…


The hardest working duo in the game, Local H, are unleashing their 8th LP in April, Hey Killer. Through their Pledge Music campaign, we’ve been sprinkled with a song here or there; snippets are rather appetizing and keep up the anticipation. The public can now take in their hard hitting “The Misanthrope”. Not one hint of Scott slowing down, and their new drummer, Ryan, hits harder than your mom after you failed her again.



Local H Wants You to Join Them In the Studio, kinda…

Picture 2


How many of your favorite acts are still gettin’ after it? They still stepping on stage and giving their all? Consistently churning out new, quality music for you to enjoy? Local H, Chicago’s hardest working act, is back at it again. The duo is stepping into the studio to create their 8th full length record. But this time, they want to make it interactive — giving us a chance to experience their chemistry and output as they progress through the record. Using Pledge Music, Scott and Ryan are offering this unique experience:


And this time we want you to join us. Be there when we start recording on December 3rd at Electrical Audio and Million Yen Studios right here in Chicago. You’ll get exclusive access to the entire process with updates from the studio, rough mixes, and whatever else may happen.

Depending on what you pledge/donate, Local H is offering unique incentives. My girl doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to absolutely love the used and sweaty Batman and Robin costume my $400 pledge just bought us. Check your options…


We live in a time where this opportunity exists. According to Steve Albini, the man behind Electrical Audio studios, the music industry is in a great place. If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to read his current thoughts on why this is a great time to be involved in any facet of the industry:

Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry


Lorde’s ‘Team’ reimagined by Local H…

“I remember going down a Lorde rabbit hole on YouTube last summer, and the song that really stuck with me was ‘Team.’ The lyrics killed me. They were everything I’d been wanting to hear someone say in a pop song. I sorta teared up a little. I tried playing an acoustic version at a show in January, but quickly realized that the song was an anthem and should be rocked out. Besides, acoustic Lorde is the Boss’s territory now.”

We already know Local H is recreating others’ songs for their Awesome Mixtape #2. Today one of those renditions surfaces in the form of a studio video. Chicago’s duo chose ‘Team’ off Lorde’s 2013 Pure Heroine LP. Check the debut studio track from the newly reincarnated Local H…



Local H’s Awesome Mixtape #2 & Chamberlin…

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 3.26.57 PM

I consider myself lucky when it comes to music. One of my favorite groups is still together and making waves. Consistently — when there isn’t a word on Local H for months, don’t fret; significant news is lurking around the corner.

“Rather than wait until we have enough songs for a full length, we just wanna record the songs as they come to try and capture that energy when it’s new and exciting,” explains Local H frontman Scott Lucas. “We also want to record the odd cover here and there for our next ‘Awesome Mix Tape’ EP.”

If we can get anything as half as good as “Wolf Like Me” and H’s take on Concrete Blonde’s “Joey”, consider me counting down the days until the follow-up to Local H’s Awesome Mixtape #1.

Alternative also speaks of a Scott Lucas/Jimmy Chamberlin get together to score the 1925 silent film “Battleship Potemkin”.

On May 2nd, Lucas will team up with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (formerly of The Smashing Pumpkins) and bassist Matt Ulery under the band name Mary Shelley for a unique live performance during CIMM (Chicago International Music & Movies Fest). The trio will score Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 silent film masterpiece “Battleship Potemkin” at 1st Ward (2033 W. North Ave.).


So much for Last FM stats…

You play it more, you inevitably dig it more than the rest, right? A year comes to a close and I look to statistical data to sway my best of list. These artists didn’t release any new material, right? I can’t get enough, no matter the year or decade their output was released. Why these acts are always at the forefront of topics around here…

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.57.25 AM


The ending of an era?

What was your first time like? The moment that loss became a reality. Initially, the feeling is life altering. Everything is different moving forward. You quickly flashback through every vivid memory they created for you. Some, disposable; others, embedded in your thoughts forever — an event that became an unforgettable experience. Suffering a break-up is nothing you should wish on anyone.

The reality, most of your favorite bands didn’t fade away. They broke up but you no longer were keeping tabs on them. For me, the first vivid recollection I have is the email stating Triple Fast Action, Chicago’s punchy definitively 90s rock act, were calling it quits. The news was difficult to fathom, tough to swallow. After two timeless records, an incalculable amount of spins, TFA was no more. The frontman, Wes Kidd, was off to NYC to pursue other ventures. Their drummer, Brian St. Clair, was now single.

Odd timing. 50% of Local H was moving on and a vacant position existed for a drummer. Insert Brian, an Animal-like time keeper. Both members of Local H were now 100% about the music. Their passion for this project was clearly exuded on record and in a live setting. Fast forward 14 years — about 2/3 of the time music mattered to me — and one half of Local H is taking an alternate path, one that doesn’t lead to shattering ear drums care of hard hitting, insightful Chicago rock.

Two Chicago-based acts still exist from my 90s heyday. Smoking Popes, the punky romantics, and one of the most mentioned artists on this periodically updated blog, Local H. As a rock N roll professional, Scott Lucas is forging ahead with this 20 plus year old project. No new drummer has been named, but there has been no mention of Local H’s demise. For close to a decade and a half, one of my favorite Chicagoans and 1/4 of what made up one of my favorite acts, penned songs together, turned all live shows up to 11, and carried on a tradition: further proving Chicago’s heyday wasn’t only in the 90s.

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