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The Show Must Not Go On…

I was late to Harvey Danger. This predominantly 90s act has had me exploring their catalog and simply, wondering what took so long to discover this act. Thanks to the most excellent Last FM network, a friend with super musical compatibility informed me to Harvey Danger’s final single now up for download….

Harvey Danger :: The Show Must Not Go On


I’ll Show You My Dark Secret…

It stems from the 90s. And you’ve most likely heard it. The sound is pure 90s and evokes great things from that musical decade: driving, hard guitar rock; a dirty, post-grunge sound; and an outpouring of emotion by stretching one’s vocal cords. And if I’m not mistaken, my favorite duo, Local H used to tour with these Texans; H’s original sound springs to mind when spinning this ’94 debut from Toadies.

Toadies :: Possum Kingdom

Like other great acts from this wonderful era, the record labels were not on this band’s side. Wonder why there was an extended hiatus between the debut and the follow-up? Interesting read can be found here:

All Music Guide


You’re Safe and Sound With Me…

A love song. I never think about it, but many love songs have been posted here. There is no doubt I’m driven by the beats and rhythms more than the lyrical makeup of tracks. The simpleton in me, I suppose.

I’m still in that deep and engrossing rut that is Hawksley Workman. His songs continue to excite me, make me stop what I’m doing and simply, tune in. His most excellent and heartfelt Safe and Sound is the epitome of why this is one rut I can’t climb from. Nor do I have the ambition to. With the help of light strumming and Workman’s Buckley-esque voice, this moving and romantic number is one of my favorite pieces from the Ontario one-man jam.

Hawksley Workman :: Safe and Sound


Let’s Karaoke to Pattycake…

No, I wasn’t presented with the opportunity to give a Matt Mahaffey meets Prince impression. If I was, it would be in an alternate, dream-like, fantasy world. Another realm, to be more specific. I watched someone this week absolutely kill it for six plus minutes while attacking the mic rhymin’ to Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance. This amateur was so good I wished for six minutes I was him, and he was me sitting in total amazement. This got me to thinking what tracks, if available, I could get up and anxiously impersonate. Pattycake, sElf’s ’00 ode to schoolyard rhymes and games with an explosion of carefree lyricism and beats, would be my go-to. And not because I’ll slay it, a la Humpty. My reasoning? It’s hard not to smile and take yourself back when Michael Jackson was black.

sElf :: Pattycake


The Latest From Chicago’s Radstarr….

Less is more these days with music. This simplicity allows me, the classic ADD listener, to drown myself in the artist’s lyrics. Too much texture and ideas flood my mind and make me forget the poetry gracing the instrumentation. Chicago-based Radstarr, a witty popster with a unique, soothing voice has unleashed Head Above Watera follow-up to the breezy, catchy Not That Perfect EP, one that presents life-like stories behind no frills instrumentation. Like last year’s EP, this latest consists of a similar formula: a note-worthy voice at the forefront, the right mix of rhythm and melody to accentuate the stories, and obvious passion for his craft.

When the sound works, and Radstarr’s definitely does, the previously mixed concoction is worth repeating. Immerse yourself….

Radstarr :: Global Warming

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