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That’s How I Became the Fresh Prince of…

Yea, I log into MySpace more than once a day; what?  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a dude dressed up as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Since I had the time, I clicked on it.  It happened to be a video by Ontario-bred MC Shad.  Who?  Hell if I knew and still don’t, but his video is rather fresh and the song isn’t half bad either.  It’s scary how spot on his rendition of the 90’s intro of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is.  Best hip-hop song of the year?  Or is it because I can relate to the theme?  I dunno….

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Yes, They Are Still Everywhere….

Everyone’s favorite preppy four-piece—-the love to hate Vampire Weekend—-outta Brooklyn decided to cover the ’87 single “Everywhere” from London’s Fleetwood Mac.  Like usual, I wasn’t familiar with the original, so if I had to choose, I’d opt for VW’s rendition.  Their usual spark and groove are built into this one.  Get your jangle on below….

Vampire Weekend :: Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)


The Essential Mix….



Hey Girl, Hey Boy, 2 Many DJs, Here We Go!

Just like you hopefully stumbled here to discover some new music, I uncover new finds when I spin the occasional DJ mix; Radio 1’s Essential Mix is usually my go to these days.  After encountering Justice’s Essential Mix from early last summer, (still won’t let this one go) I also found the simple, yet essential site: New

A few days ago, I upped what happens when the Soulwax boys mess with the Chemical Brothers’ beats. At first, I figured this might have been a track from way back when, but then I discovered a 2 Many DJs’ set recorded live at the English dance festival Creamfields.  The Dewaele brothers decide to kick off their 58 minute set with none other than “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”.  With Creamfields hosting acts like Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto, 2 Many DJs err on the side of hard hitting club music; they do drop MGMT, Gossip, Hot Chip, among others though.  And if you prefer to err on the side of pop tendencies, Soulwax rocked an Essential Mix in 2005–this one doesn’t stop.

2 Many DJs live at Creamfields

Soulwax look to be back in the States this fall to show support for their forthcoming DVD.

Should we turn this blog into a site where it’s strictly Soulwax content?  Or did that already happen?  All I need is exclusive content and a ghost writer.


Let Her Seduce You…

Let me apologize in advance if you watch that Sex & the City rip-off on NBC and already know “The Bomb”.  I have faith in our readers though; they wouldn’t dare.  There is no doubt music used today in shows and commercials is on another level compared to even a few years ago.  I mean, have you seen this one?

Bitter:Sweet out of our favorite area–Los Angeles brings the loungey goods in a sexual tone on their second full-length LP Drama.  Listening to this, I place myself in a 30’s like club with an ensemble of musicians onstage warming up before the female frontwoman unveils her goods and graces the stage.  Shit, I’m probably wearing a zoot suit.  Shana Halligan’s vocals begin in a somber tone that make you think you’re on the phone with a 900 number, as they slowly begin to buildup until she erupts with ecstasy.  Rarely do I sing along with female vocals for obvious reason, but I find myself trying to imitate this energy (No shame) when bouncing along to this track. Under these vocals, the music is organically multi-layered in a way to make you get up and jive along to this little diddy.

Gold lies below…

Bitter:Sweet :: The Bomb


Green Mind!

I’ve had it up to here–Listening to a small segment of people trying to put down America.  America is the greatest land on Earth and we ought to be proud of what we have.  I’m proud of America; I’m proud of our people; and I’m going to prove it.  We’re American and damn proud of it.

And then the industrial meets electro beat kicks in!  Dink, a 5-piece from Kent, Ohio used that above banter to kick off their 1995 one hit wonder, “Green Mind”.  If you were a fan of the 90s industrial scene with the likes of KMFDM, Ministry, and of course Reznor’s group, you most likely knew of the song and maybe even owned the album.  And if not, Dink got enough radio play on local alternative stations and Subterranean‘s older brother, 120 Minutes to get the word out.  (Great 120 Minutes performance here)  For someone who was more a fan of alternative music, this track was unique–with its electronic effects, torrential drum hits, swooping bassline, and rapidfire vocals.

If I were to compile a singles playlist with tracks from the 90’s that make people get up, “Green Mind” would rank high.  There seems to be infinite energy from start to finish.  I always used to think of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human” when I played the goodness below.

Dink :: Green Mind

Oh, did you not click that great 120 Minutes performance?  Sunny Day Real Estate performing the hell out of “Circles”.


Superstar DJs Here YOU Go….

Even though “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” is nine years old, it still hits as hard as it did when it first appeared on Surrender from The Chemical Brothers.  It builds; it descends; it bounces.  And with only repeating a few simple phrases–Here we go! I can close my eyes for a second and picture a 90’sesque rave scene out of the movie Go or some other drug induced situation you may have been a part of.  And now the point of this post….

I stumbled upon a remix by none other than Soulwax.  The Dewaele brothers put a light spin on it– in their own Belgium club style way.  The 2nd half is where it begins to heat up.

Update: The Chemical Brothers are hosting it on their website now as part of a promotion for their upcoming record.  Hit it up here.

Chemical Brothers :: Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax remix)

Check “Midnight Madness”, the Chems’ latest video from the forthcoming greatest hits album Brotherhood, out next month.


Those Damn Knickerbockers….

Yea, I was initially turned onto this Brighton, England group because of the Karate Kid reference.  But after hearing Fujiya & Miyagi‘s  “Collarbone” from their 2006 LP Transparent Things, I realized they had more than a crane kick and spelled their name with an I.  They laid down the funk, inserted bubbly synths, and made me do more than want to tap my foot to their dancey beat.

Consider me excited to hear their soon to be released new record-Lightbulbs. (Has it leaked?) Spin the lead single, “Knickerbocker” in video format and realize they are definitely not tarnishing the name Miyagi.  R.I.P., Sensei…

Fujiya & Miyagi :: Knickerbocker


In the Golden Age….

TV on the Radio, the arty five piece out of Brooklyn (they do jangle some) have had the hipsters panties in a bunch since the ’03 Young Liars EP. The men who have put their unique mark on pop (it is, right?) are set to release their third full length LP in September, Dear Science.  For some reason, I lost touch with them post that debut EP, but after hearing their first offering from the aforementioned record, TV on the Radio may have something special to share….again.

“Golden Age” is funky, reminds me of the Scissor Sisters (good thing) for a second, has soothing, yet rapidfire vocals at times, and a very involved chorus; oh, it’s got horns, too!  If this song is any indication of what Dear Science consists of, consider me back on the TV on the Radio bandwagon!

“Golden Age” now streaming on their home page.


CHRO ME O + Hall & Oates – the Oates=

Dave 1, Daryl Hall, & P Thugg

Dave 1, Daryl Hall, & P Thugg

If it wasn’t for the Internet, would we have amazing collaborations between modern and yesterday’s ingenious pop crafters?

Chromeo are a two-piece on the electrofunk tip who hail from Montreal, but as an avid fan of pop, you already knew this.  I still feel their one-two punch of “Tenderoni” and “Fancy Footwork” was one of the better 80’sEsque/synth pop moments of last year.  Seriously, why didn’t their Fancy Footwork LP make my ’07 top 10?

Daryl Hall was part of the 70’s & 80’s monster known simply as Hall & Oates.  I’m not going to even try to pretend I know this duo.  Poppy soul?  Sadly, Grand Theft Auto Vice City (the 80’s influenced game) really introduced me to their song, “Out of Touch”.  And now glancing at their singles, I’ve heard most of them: “Maneater”, “Adult Education”, “Private Eyes”, etc.  Their game was rather tight back then, obviously.

Mr. Hall has a site where he broadcasts jam sessions from his house with his six-piece band.  This time around, (episode 10) he asked the boys from Chromeo to come over and funkdafy some of his tunes.   We are graced with some Hall & Oates numbers, a few from the Montreal duo, and some great music minded banter too.  Highly recommended for fans of either artist; the performance of “Family Man” deserves repeat viewings with P on the talkbox!

Live From Daryl’s House: Episode 10 Featuring Chromeo


A True Archaeologist….

I have about one million albums in The Archive.  And about a million and a half singles….

You’ve most likely heard about this man and his offering of his massive collection on EBay.  Paul Mawhinney is truly about the music, and he will be until his last days.  A collector; an avid fan of wax; strongest advocate for the original medium of music.  This short seven minute documentary on the man has recently surfaced.  Even if this is a sales pitch, you can’t help but appreciate his adoration for that common bond you and I hold together.  Check it below…

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