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Hippie Priest Bum-out…

Chicago has a reputation with some that if the audience doesn’t know the music first hand, no one is moving. Yea, Chi don’t dance no more style. And in that great city’s defense, my experience has been your cities don’t move much either. But what happens when you know who’s behind the decks and that maestro is playing his favorite cuts you know nothing of? The controller of the evening can have a massive impact.

Fast forward a year and a half since the demise of LCD Soundsytem and front man James Murphy hasn’t lost his edge: His post-punk meets disco knowledge when applied to the speakers still brings in bodies ready to be juked. In heavy droves. James and his beat keeper Pat Mahoney spun to an almost sold-out, dance filled crowd Thursday night at the Boulder Theater. Their weapons of choice are an eclectic mix of disco stars only James and a few select ears are privy to. More tracks are older than the average 2012 groove fan.”We’re playing some weird tracks”, uttered James as he thanked the beat happy crowd for showing this DJ duo respect by forgetting the weekend has yet to arrive and pulsated with every disco-tinged wax track.

If the flow is right, the tracks all have a theme — energy — and the crowd embraces what the DJ strives for, moving in unison to the beats are inevitable. Does it really matter that the hippest retired rocker is orchestrating the soundtrack to your evening?


It’s a Miracle…

That this blog has been resuscitated? I suppose its heart did stop beating for over six months’ time. And by no means did music lose its pulse; like the other hiatuses MiS has taken, the music around me didn’t stop piling up, or I didn’t hit the STOP (that still exist?) button. Much has happened in my musical bubble over the course of this time. This art form we’ve chosen to follow, invest our time and money in, and help to add something to our day-to days, never is shut off. Music encompasses everything that I do from day-to-day. On a Friday morning, the soundtrack is upbeat and celebratory after shutting down another week; after a rough day, the dial turns to something carefree, maybe even nostalgic to remember a simpler time. On a random Tuesday, while at work, but really before work, it’s a pulse that amps me up for the day, one that maybe even is uplifting in an inspiring way. Like you, I love creating my original soundtrack on a daily basis. Miracle, a track off Parisian classically trained for the club Yuksek‘s latest, has been electrifying my days, no matter what’s happening around me….

Yuksek :: Miracle


So You Think You Can Dance?

So You Think You Can Dance

A lot of attention here has focused on the brilliance behind the one man band.  True geniuses in their own right to be sure.  However, respect should be paid to those that dance all by their lonesome at a venue of their choice.  We’ve all witnessed or executed a similar circumstance; whether it’s 1/3 of Bell Biv DeVoe jumping on stage in between sets at a Soulwax concert, or busting your two-step with Mr. Gillis next to his laptop.  It never fails to entertain.

Fresh from the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington a couple weeks ago, a video has surfaced of a happy-go-lucky fan who clearly enjoys the shit out of Santigold’s “Unstoppable.”

Would you join him?  Or would you sit idle in the crowd?  He surely makes a convincing case for the former.  Take note, fellas.  I expect to see similar moves constructed at Monolith later on this summer.


Mine As Well Chew the Phat….

Whoa.  Fire!  And I’ve really gotten past the remix lately; especially a track as played out as “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.  The rumor is that Chew Fu Phat,out of Brooklyn, (he’s not jangly) has the potential to absolutely destroy the dancefloor.  I don’t really know what that means anymore, since I’m too old for that environment.  But, I definitely can put this guy’s tracks on blast over here, and that is what is currently taking place.

In this mix, Chew places two MCs that are foreign to me: J-Cast & Substantial to rhyme and bounce over Annie’s vocals and a gutter bass like beat.  I could see this making some clubgoers rather excited, maybe even fucking ecstatic.  I’m clubbin’ right now at my desk listening to this–It is Friday night, right?

Chew Fu Phat :: J-Cast & Substantial Vs Eurythmics Sweet Dreams

The madness was only beginning…

Masters at Work :: Work (Chew Fu Fix)

The man has many of his mixes up on his MySpace to download.

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