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Forget Jangly, Chromeo Smooth Them Out…

mtvU is a channel available on many college campuses.  Great, I know.  But, this channel is responsible for the mtvU Woodie Awards – an award show that recognizes artists that college students like.  Not like that means much to you and me, but remember College Music Journal? (CMJ) They were most likely associated with college or college students and their interests mirrored ours, right?  On this previously mentioned award show, hip artists perform – like prep school popsters Vampire Weekend and the tenderoni duo Chromeo.  Dave 1 and P-Thugg decided to join the VW boys on their track, “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance”.  Not as great as when Chromeo joined D. Hall from Hall & Oates fame, but it’s worth four minutes of your day…

Vampire Weekend w/ Chromeo :: The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance


Yo No Te Ofrezco Riquezas…


But I can provide you with a track that gets me every time – yes, every time.

When I was trying to better my Spanish some years back, the best resource for me was music.  I’m again trying to improve my second language and re-discovering some gems that have collected way too much dust. Chingon‘s  “Malaguena Salerosa” – a lively, Spanish guitar monster – was prominently featured in the closing credits of 2004’s Kill Bill Volume II.

Chingon :: Malaguena Salerosa

Live, the track is intricately plucked, while the percussion seems to be synchronized with the guitarists’ shredding, and everything is tied together with a throaty voice that passionately hits all the highs and also knows when to bellow.  Come alive! Maybe this guy needs to join Rodrigo Y Gabriela.


The Kids are Riding on the Electric Feel…


And that ride consists of the psychedelic wave laid down by MGMT.  Oh, they bored you too in a live setting?  Then maybe you need the re-works by Soulwax and the soon to be era-defining duo, Justice to help you tie your headband back on.

MGMT :: Kids (Soulwax remix)

MGMT :: Electric Feel (Justice remix)


Who Didn’t See This Coming?


Unfortunately, the new Autolux record will be coming out after the new year.  Autolux is dealing with getting the business end of the music squared away.

Whatever.  2008 has bred quality, nonetheless.  Autolux had the above and a little more to say on a recent blog post. The noisy trio outta Los Angeles cried wolf when they proclaimed a new record this year.  We did get a new single: “Audience No. 2” – and you might have also got a promotional single with some extras..  In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get through the days by spinning the Danish duo – The Raveonettes.  A few years back, Autolux toured with this ambitious duo.  And for 2008, these two want to keep your appetite whet by releasing a quartet of EPs.  You might find them here Recommended.


You and I Must Fight to Survive…


This morning, I decided to partake in my first indoor cycling class of the season – a Spinning class to most.  It’s an intense workout in every aspect that a training session should be.  And any good instructor sets the tempo to his/her playlist.  You want the class to pick up the pace for a four minute sprint?  Put on LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” where the tempo remains the same throughout the first beat to the last. For a set of intervals, queue up a track that has a rolling tempo – one that has peaks and valleys.  Maybe Refused’s “New Noise”.  Unfortunately for me, she didn’t opt to use tracks in my collection – except one…

We’re nearing the 50 minute mark and my legs are slowly beginning to wither out, but then I heard a shimmering hum and galloping from a far, with sporadic neighing, and forgot all about any suffering below my waist. Within two seconds of the intro, I clapped my hands twice and exclaimed, “Good song!” Plain Jane, with sweat rolling down her forehead, looked at me like I was high and an idiot.  High on Muse, girl! “Knights of Cydonia” was going to bring us to the finish line! It’s interesting how music can move you in various ways – physically but mentally, too.

This morning’s second wind in video form…

Muse :: Knights of Cydonia


The Endless Potential of a String Accompaniment!

The funky, two-step Vancouver duo Chromeo made an appearance on Conan O’Brien to perform their latest single, “Momma’s Boy”. Their guest list was a +9.  Luckily for us, eight of the nine were female string virtuosos….


Ruffin Wants You Back…

If there were one genre I wish my knowledge was stronger, it would be without a doubt – the timeless, heartfelt, make you realize everything is alright – sound of soul.  When we look for new music, either brand-new or old, don’t we hope to spin that record a year from now; maybe even five years from now?  Or what about close to 30 years later?

Potentially long story condensed: David Ruffin, the lead vocalist who propelled the Motown act The Temptations into stardom with “My Girl” and “Ain’t Too Proud to Bed” concocted a monster of a record in 1971; but for some reason, it was shelved – until only a few years ago. The Unreleased Album slides nicely into any soul guru’s stack of records, or sets a great base for any wannabe collector, like myself. I want to share his rendition of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.  The song comes alive by Ruffin, but that’s maybe because it feels more sincere coming out of an adult’s mouth and not a child’s….

David Ruffin :: I Want You Back

And a little taste of what else lurks on this LP…

David Ruffin :: I’ve Got a Need For You

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