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The Essential Shuffle…

Streaming is convenient. The cloud has a lot to offer someone who’s about the music. Things are different now. I no longer have all my music on a hard drive and can randomly hear unrelated track after unrelated track. The surprise factor has disappeared. No longer am I telling myself how great of a track that is; now when I listen, I know what to expect. I’m the curator of my listening habits.

I broke out my old laptop with 10,000 plus tracks. I hit shuffle. It reacquainted me with tracks from yesterday. Ones that weren’t worthy of being forgotten but got lost in the transition from digital files to streaming content. Below is a five track sample of tracks from another era. A time period not too long ago. Songs that I used to bump louder than today’s blast level. Due to them not being conveniently located in the cloud, simply disappeared from my conscious. Someone’s not going to dig it, but there is going to be an old, tank-like laptop that’s going to be permanently housed on the shelf. Why? Shuffle.

Hood Internet :: Burn It Again

Felix Da Housecat w/ James Murphy :: What She Wants

Earlimart ::Everybody Knows Everybody (Such a smart pick as an album of the year)

Fluid Ounces :: She Blinded Me With Science

Thieves Like Us :: Drugs In My Body (long version)


Nuthin’ But a Hood Thang…

Skeptics beware: This one burns – on the very smooth tip.

The mixologists with patience and respect for a track to let it ride, The Hood Internet, have proved less is more when re-creating 1992…

Hood Internet :: Nuthin’ But a Journal Thang (Dr. Dre vs Class Actress)


Want to put me on the guest list at the Bottle on 4/3?


The Hood Brings Us Their Decalogue…

For each year of the past decade, you can take two songs from each year and blend them together. The catch: seamlessly mix them and produce a vibe that makes the listener feel they were meant for one another. Producing a bounce from the listener is a plus, too. Tough, I know. Luckily, Chicago’s Hood Internet has laid it down in under six and a half minutes. Flawlessly. The duo must have a mixology degree that is their PhD. Highly recommended….

2000 – Dr. Dre vs Radiohead, 2001 – Missy Elliott vs Daft Punk, 2002 – Ludacris vs The New Pornographers, 2003 – Kelis vs The Rapture, 2004 – Twista f/ Kanye West vs Arcade Fire, 2005 – Three 6 Mafia vs Sufjan Stevens, 2006 – T.I. vs Peter Bjorn and John, 2007 – Rich Boy vs LCD Soundsystem, 2008 – Lil Wayne vs Hot Chip, 2009 – Jay Sean vs Phoenix

Hood Internet :: Decalogue


This Is Kinda Like a Big Deal…

Picture 2It’s Friday and you best be up to something. Thanks to the Hood Internet – and MiS, of course – you scored some Ghost; you can’t stop hitting repeat on Tiga’s “Shoes” either. Let’s add a little something to that arsenal of summertime jams…

French, electro virtuoso Yuksek, who is classically trained in the one art we care a lot about, dropped Away From the Sea some months back. It’s dirty and catchy enough for me to return to frequently. And Clipse, the snow slanging MCs outta Virginia, have been preppin’ their 3rd full length for some time now. Their first single, “Kinda Like a Big Deal”, featuring once Chicago MC and always gay fish, Kanye West. Jungle chaos lurks inside of the beat. What’s the correlation between France and Virgina you ask? Our favorite mixmasters, the Hood Internet, decided they’d blend well together. They’re right. Start the weekend right…

ABX :: Kinda Like a Big Break


Beats, Rhymes, And The Hood…

You’d think every time the Hood Internet bakes up another concoction of a beat and a rhyme, it’s upped here. It’s quality over quantity over here, right? But like I’ve said before, these blends can be hit or miss. The duo outta Chicago, scored a back-to-back knockout with first, a blend between an ’09 wonder, Juan Maclean, and B-More meets M.I.A. protégé Rye Rye.

Hood Internet/ABX :: The Simple Bang

The follow-up hook in your left ear and out the other is the simple, yet catchy flow of Kid Cudi, with his “Day ‘N’ Nite”. The rhyme is laced over the cut and paste splicer Cornelius‘ beat.

Hood Internet/DJ STV SLV :: Another Day ‘N’ Nite


It’s Friday and You Need Some Ghost!

The Chicago-based mixologists the Hood Internet are at it again – but realistically, they are always dilligently working on something. Some are fire. And some simply, don’t work. The spinning duo took one part AZ, the MC outta Brooklyn and laced it behind the Golden Filter‘s “Solid Gold” – a throbbing electro beat that perks up your ears and makes you bounce. The combination of AZ, Golden Filter’s wavy beat and a guest verse from Ghostface Killah, is enough to jump start my weekend.

The Hood Internet :: Solid Gold From New York

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