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Paul Westerberg wants change, your pocket change

In a recent interview, Paul Weller commented with some disdain concerning the Radiohead-fueled legalization of music for free.  To Weller, art has value and it’s illegitimate that artists give away their art for free.  From one Paul to another, comes Westerberg’s new album 49:00… Of Your Time/Life, in which Westerberg reckoned that arts should be assigned a value, even if it’s only a penny a minute.

Complicating the release, which is only sold on and TuneCore (yep, no iTunes…didn’t someone say Apple was a different corporation?…haha), is that Westerberg made it all one track.  One thought here, is that Westerberg is trying to recapture our attention spans–an album you can’t easily digest/download track by track. There is an official track listing you can use to maintain some sanity in the listening experience, but it works best in album form. Beautiful.

Download and pay…you’ve got the money lying around somewhere.  I’m sure.  Oh yeah, the actual music? It’s brilliant.  Some of the best material from Westerberg in years and recorded all live by him…no Pro Tools here.  He also just finished it a week before release. Welcome to disintermediation.


Westerberg’s warning:


See tracklisting… Continue reading ‘Paul Westerberg wants change, your pocket change’


Mine As Well Chew the Phat….

Whoa.  Fire!  And I’ve really gotten past the remix lately; especially a track as played out as “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.  The rumor is that Chew Fu Phat,out of Brooklyn, (he’s not jangly) has the potential to absolutely destroy the dancefloor.  I don’t really know what that means anymore, since I’m too old for that environment.  But, I definitely can put this guy’s tracks on blast over here, and that is what is currently taking place.

In this mix, Chew places two MCs that are foreign to me: J-Cast & Substantial to rhyme and bounce over Annie’s vocals and a gutter bass like beat.  I could see this making some clubgoers rather excited, maybe even fucking ecstatic.  I’m clubbin’ right now at my desk listening to this–It is Friday night, right?

Chew Fu Phat :: J-Cast & Substantial Vs Eurythmics Sweet Dreams

The madness was only beginning…

Masters at Work :: Work (Chew Fu Fix)

The man has many of his mixes up on his MySpace to download.



Past few weeks this record has turned me into such an insomniac. I can’t lay down to go to sleep unless this is playing…I can’t go to sleep because it’s on and I’m entranced…I love this. I won’t tomorrow at work, but I love this.

I wish those were my words–that was taken from Sound Opinions.  That’s what the French artist M83 and his masterpiece, Saturdays=Youth can do to people.  I haven’t been shy about my sentiments towards the record, and since that post, this record has only gotten better.

John Norris, from yes, MTV fame, sat down with Anthony Gonzalez to discuss French pop and how this record came to be with its intentional ode to the 80’s and the classic films that period birthed.  Check part one of this three part interview below…

Part 2

Part 3

It’s worth sharing again….

M83 :: Graveyard Girl (Yuksek remix)


El Che and the Missing iPod….

I got songs from your iPod. I’m going to leak a record from EL CHE every week until you drop a single or a video or some shit. The people have NO FUCKING IDEA how hot this shit sounds. Well, I’m going to show them. You had everything on your iPod. Even old, vintage shit. I’m gonna drop that, too. Until you or your weak-ass label keep your word and start dropping some fucking music. And, I’m not playing. I’m going to make you a better artist. I can’t wait to see what you do.

Regardless if this is legitimate or not, the story is worth sharing….

Alright, we got some maniacal, fanatic shit happening right now with Chicago-based artist, Rhymefest.  The MC was DJing off his iPod recently and stupidly walked away from the decks for supposedly 15 minutes.  Now, Prometheus – the MC’s biggest fan- snagged Rhyme’s digital vinyl and discovered tracks from Fest’s forthcoming record, El Che.  Instead of upping the tracks for himself or maybe friends, Prometheus is blackmailing the MC for what else…..but more music.  The thief’s letter was mailed to Fake Shore Drive , a local Hip-hop blog.  Check the blog for the letter and the beginning of the leakage.

I have a friend who hugged Matt Mahaffey once, and tried to snag the man’s iPod out of his back pocket, but as far as I know, that unnamed friend came up empty handed.

I hope you already own (it’s free) Rhymefest’s tribute to Michael Jackson. Read what Chicago Tribute music critic Greg Kot had to say about it here.


It’s Showtime — Get the Patron and Tell ‘Um ‘Dat It’s ON!

I enjoy hip-hop, as do our contributors.  In today’s day and age though, it’s rare that any current song catches my attention, let alone has me seek out who that artist is. (Jenson–make us a 10 track 80’s and 90’s mix) For me to appreciate anything from this genre, our boy GT has to splice up the track and take out the best element/s from said song and incorporate it behind another track in an ADD type way.  This is either sadly, or maybe fortunately, my only exposure to today’s hip-hop collection.  I’ve tried to stomach some of the songs Girl Talk has used for his last two LPs, and it’s almost hard to fathom how quickly I turn them off in disgust.  But, throw a Kelly Clarkson track in a spaz mix and it’s golden, as is the original.  Don’t hate.

With no credit to the above mentioned mixmaster, I stumbled upon Swizz Beatz, who is currently in the hip-hop game with a tendency to bring the bouncy, party-like tracks to your speakers.  He’s bringing you this vibe primarily through his beats, which are rhymed over by other MCs than himself, but he isn’t scared to step to the M-I-C.  Below, I wanted to share a few songs (New to me) I’ve been feeling –one was even featured on Feed the Animals.

Swizz Beatz :: It’s Me, Bitches

Eve :: Tambourine (Swizzie on the beats)

Cassidy featuring Swizz Beatz :: My Drink ‘N My 2 Step


Chicago Is All the Rage….

I took it to Chicago….

The aura of the track I’m sharing with you from The Uglysuit clashes hard with the above picture.  Remember, it’s still summer and that is a time for rejoicing, smiling when the sun is shining, and endlessly listening to catchy songs with irresistible piano melodies; and praising the Second City in song form too, as the 6-piece Oklahomans do.  But, it is also a time when blockbuster movies are released –and Chicago plays a prominent role in the Dark Knight. (LaSalle St. took the punishment above)

Where would the art world be without Chicago?  Our music collection definitely wouldn’t be filled with drony pop songs consisting of impossible to shake choruses, or we wouldn’t have the Batman at our disposal either.  Let the breezy instrumentation below set you on your way to Chicago….

The Uglysuit :: Chicago


September Yet Again…

Maybe visiting the mad professor every September in Denver, CO can become an annual event.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to rendezvous for a one-two punch that will most likely never be topped–LCD Soundsystem, who hold the ability to inoculate us from the doldrums, opened up for the mini-symphony rock group Arcade Fire.  The fun didn’t stop there, because the boombastic sound of Muse was the following night.  And, oh, this was all situated between two red things – monoliths to be more exact at none other than Red Rocks.

You still with me?  If so, my journey out west isn’t for a few bands I like some; September brings the Monolith Festival to one of the only outdoor venues worth traveling for.  Have you seen the lineup?  Saturday is nothing to fuck with: Silversun PIckups, Presets, Cut Copy, Vampire Weekend, Foals, Pop Levi, Superdrag, etc. With so many potentially exceptional sets, it will be hard to take it all in.  Sunday holds potential as well, but not till the sun descends behind the Rockies.  The French par excellence act Justice closes it all up with a bang, I hope.

The Presets are an act who bring unprecedented energy no matter where they go, and I can only assume Colorado will be no different.  Their latest LP, Apocalypso has been on repeat round these parts for months.  I don’t care if the record has been labeled “Mortal Kombat music.” It just….doesn’t….stop.  Check my favorite track from the record below….

The Presets :: Yippiyo-ay


Maps Goes All Psychetronica….

Last fall, I stood front and center and did my best cheerleading act for the solo project out of Northampton, U.K. entitled Maps.  James Chapman/Maps’ atmospheric album is laced with enough layers of synth to make even this year’s poster boy of the genre Anthony Gonzalez of M83 a tad jealous, or maybe envious? Luckily for me, and hopefully for you too, Maps is diligently working on a new record: Turning the Mind.

There are also quite a few harder, electronic/techno tracks that I’ve written. I guess this has been influenced by what I’ve been DJing and what I’m listening to as well. DJing really gives me a buzz and I think it’s rubbed off on quite a few of these tracks. Also, last year when I was doing loads of remixes I had a lot of ideas that I’ve sometimes revisited on these tracks, whether it’s a certain sound or a beat of some kind. There’s definitely a ‘clubbier’ vibe to a lot of the new stuff. I’m hoping to explore that even more next year when playing live and also DJing a lot more.

He’s been nice enough to make a video diary of this upcoming record with song snippets throughout all of the clips.  They’re worth listening to for the track previews if you’re curious on what this potential classic is capable of, but take out the music, and you got another dude posting a random YouTube clip.  Your call there.  My initial impression was a Presets type sound on these tracks; they’re hitting rather hard this time around.

Video Diary #1-#4

To maybe tide you over while we wait….

M83 :: “We Own the Sky” (Maps Remix)


Under the Sun….


It’s summer; the weather is hot and the girls are dressing less.  Now, I like an upbeat, summery pop jam just as much as you do, but at times, a laid-back bounce number is nice for the chill nights-is it not?  And the duo from Ontario, Junior Boys – who put out the stellar So This is Goodbye in 2006 – want to share “Under the Sun” with you from 2004’s Last Exit. The lead singer, Jeremy Greenspan lushly whispers over this seven minute number,   “Sweet one, under the sun” as the track builds and builds while you ascend and descend in maybe the clouds…

Junior Boys :: Under the Sun

If you’ve yet to be enlightened to this dreamy, yet sometimes clubby act, click here to experience ’06’s “In the Morning” in video format.

Even if it has been very close to two years since their last proper release, know that Jeremy has been exercising his soft voice in the upcoming LP (Double Night Time) from Metro Area beat crafter, Morgan Geist.  Check “Most of All” below…

Morgan Geist :: Most of All (Featuring Jeremy Greenspan)




Part of the Weekend Never Dies...

Part of the Weekend Never Dies...

I’m still really confused to what they’re called.

I don’t even know who reads this anymore, but if you do even once in a while, you know Soulwax is nothing to be fucked withNothing. High-energy live sets, exponential ability to turn a rock club into an underground drug-induced dance club- as you’ll see when you click over to their newly designed website. Bold, maybe, but I can’t remember ever being this impressed with a website as much as these Belgian brothers’.  Unique work. This re-design is all in anticipation of their DVD documenting their ability to make sure you realize that PART OF THE WEEKEND truly does not DIE….

If Soulwax have yet to whet your appetite with their trailer, check it here.  And, yes, my work here has been restricted to Soulwax posts.  I’m OK with it.

Upcoming Shows:


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