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Shit makes me scratch circles on the dance floor…

Sure, there are always feel good tracks. But as of late, I think I’ve discovered a feel good sound. One vibe that consistently turns a mood around and causes my feet to shuffle. It tends to nod towards the sound of decades ago; 40s/50s R&B, Ray Charles swagger, the sound of rock & roll before it was just rock. The type of swing that could  turn Lou’s Cafe upside down; one moment all tranquil courtesy of The Great Pretender by the crooning Platters; then the nickel hits the slot and the patrons erupt from their booths; patrons are spinning around, twirling their gals, kicking up their feet, and just enjoying life. Or what I envision if Tulsa’s JD McPherson‘s record Signs & Signifiers could have hit the juke.

JD McPherson :: Scandalous


Is the early 00s my new 90s?

I hope when you become under the influence you want to blast music. Like neighbors knocking on your walls and door loud. But to you, it’s not an obnoxious level; it’s one that’s just right for your level of intoxication. I may or may not have recently experienced this — perhaps it’s taking place as I type. Regardless, as fun as it’s to play DJ for friends at a party, during a road trip, or when setting the tone to get down, sometimes playing BLAST for yourself is the best. Shit, like you have anyone to second guess you, or hell if you’re concerned if others are questioning your aural credibility — you are killin’ it right now.

Staying ahead of the music game is perhaps a skill; or maybe it’s just about who has more time on their hands. So as I bounced around, trying to keep the momentum going, and channeling my best 2 Many DJs persona, I pulled from an era that allotted me more time than perhaps ever: Final year of school — one where music seemed to be my only true concern. What the hell was so special about 2003 and 2004? Check the mix…

All these tracks hit my ears during these two years. Realize that some tracks appeared before what full length they ended up on…


Faint’s Evil Voices…

Can gloom be upbeat, too? The Faint, the pulsators of all things dark and danceable, have never disappointed when bringing their synth heavy sound to my ears in a live setting. Even after a three year hiatus of tearing up clubs, the Omaha quartet are sounding as tight as they were when touring for Wet From Birth. This time around, the crew are back at it to commemorate the re-issue of ’01’s Danse Macabre in deluxe form. Between hibernating, the Faint cooked up four new tracks that as of now, are only available as a 12″ — “Evil Voices”, one of the new tracks, was upped to their SoundCloud for immediate body juking purposes.

Their formula is still intact to make you move: sewer bass, a driving drum rhythm, synth stabs in all the right spots, and Todd Fink’s nasally delivery run through just enough effects.


The return of the s-E-L-f…

A polished beat, one candy coated by Matt Mahaffey, never becomes tiresome around here. The innovator of all things Cool J meets Prince, intertwined with the simplicity of pop tapestries concocted sweeter than anything you’ve yet to hear is why this blog exists. Matt’s act, sElf, have been in and out of hiding for what has now surpassed a decade — Gizmodgery, a record with enough exuberant bounce to put your youngin’s energy to shame is now 12 years old.

The constant wondering if I’d ever experience this quirk again have been put to rest. Matt and his act sElf are stepping to the stage on December 29 in Nashville, TN. Since music is more than an aural sensation, a small crew has assembled to create yet another memorable experience care of Matt Mahaffey.

What would a sElf show announcement be without a five minute and 43 second sampler of officially unreleased material? More than most are fresh to these ears…


Born to Quit in 2012…

It’s approaching 20 years since my incalculable hunger appeared. Never was this an issue. If anything, my lack of satiation for music and all facets of the experience was something to embrace. This adoration for what’s more than a hobby, simply made me who I am today; experiences, friends, routes taken and pursued, etc. Smoking Popes, an unconventional punk band wearing their heart more on their sleeve than most, were what did me in.

This week kicks off an excellent string of shows, with two beloved acts performing records in their entirety: Smoking Popes ripping through their timeless Born to Quit to commemorate its re-release; and  The Faint pulsating darkly through Danse Macabre.

If this quartet and record are taken out of my musical equation, I question who I’d be today. Smoking Popes and their Born to Quit LP put music on the map for me.

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