Parade – The Remix, dude…

…will not let it up, twirlin and flippin all of the music’s playin louder/ it’s all out of tune just turn it up, oh yeah/ crank it up, it’s the shittiest rock n roll ever played by anybody…

There is is this quartet out of Nashville, TN entitled Heypenny. They write some amazing pop numbers – and we’ve been composing a post about these gentlemen for over a year now, but we just can’t get it to sound right.  We’ve been sElfish for too long; it’s time MiS is graced with one of the better bands I’ve heard in some time.  I shared a sentiment during their last live gig that went something like, “This is my new favorite group outta TN.” MiS is never short on bands outta that region.  On record, I end up keeping the LP in my player for weeks, and live, the sheer excitement coming out of these quirky folks is astounding.  Heypenny – just like so many Tennessee acts – are struggling to secure a record label to release their forthcoming record.  In the meantime, we are receiving an alternate version of “Parade”, which originally appeared on Use These Spoons many years ago.

And with this digital release, we are receiving a video, too.  The video is fine, but I’ve seen better videos with an amateur vibe before.  Don’t judge their skills to aurally please you by their ability to produce a video.  Jason will complete that aforementioned writeup about Heypenny any day now; look out for a true look into one of the better finds in years….


1 Response to “Parade – The Remix, dude…”

  1. October 13, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Nice remix. This video is better than I expected. Their brand of humor. It makes me want to see them…again.

    Best kept secret in the land. BTW, thanks for calling me out.

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