Maps Goes All Psychetronica….

Last fall, I stood front and center and did my best cheerleading act for the solo project out of Northampton, U.K. entitled Maps.  James Chapman/Maps’ atmospheric album is laced with enough layers of synth to make even this year’s poster boy of the genre Anthony Gonzalez of M83 a tad jealous, or maybe envious? Luckily for me, and hopefully for you too, Maps is diligently working on a new record: Turning the Mind.

There are also quite a few harder, electronic/techno tracks that I’ve written. I guess this has been influenced by what I’ve been DJing and what I’m listening to as well. DJing really gives me a buzz and I think it’s rubbed off on quite a few of these tracks. Also, last year when I was doing loads of remixes I had a lot of ideas that I’ve sometimes revisited on these tracks, whether it’s a certain sound or a beat of some kind. There’s definitely a ‘clubbier’ vibe to a lot of the new stuff. I’m hoping to explore that even more next year when playing live and also DJing a lot more.

He’s been nice enough to make a video diary of this upcoming record with song snippets throughout all of the clips.  They’re worth listening to for the track previews if you’re curious on what this potential classic is capable of, but take out the music, and you got another dude posting a random YouTube clip.  Your call there.  My initial impression was a Presets type sound on these tracks; they’re hitting rather hard this time around.

Video Diary #1-#4

To maybe tide you over while we wait….

M83 :: “We Own the Sky” (Maps Remix)


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