It’s Showtime — Get the Patron and Tell ‘Um ‘Dat It’s ON!

I enjoy hip-hop, as do our contributors.  In today’s day and age though, it’s rare that any current song catches my attention, let alone has me seek out who that artist is. (Jenson–make us a 10 track 80’s and 90’s mix) For me to appreciate anything from this genre, our boy GT has to splice up the track and take out the best element/s from said song and incorporate it behind another track in an ADD type way.  This is either sadly, or maybe fortunately, my only exposure to today’s hip-hop collection.  I’ve tried to stomach some of the songs Girl Talk has used for his last two LPs, and it’s almost hard to fathom how quickly I turn them off in disgust.  But, throw a Kelly Clarkson track in a spaz mix and it’s golden, as is the original.  Don’t hate.

With no credit to the above mentioned mixmaster, I stumbled upon Swizz Beatz, who is currently in the hip-hop game with a tendency to bring the bouncy, party-like tracks to your speakers.  He’s bringing you this vibe primarily through his beats, which are rhymed over by other MCs than himself, but he isn’t scared to step to the M-I-C.  Below, I wanted to share a few songs (New to me) I’ve been feeling –one was even featured on Feed the Animals.

Swizz Beatz :: It’s Me, Bitches

Eve :: Tambourine (Swizzie on the beats)

Cassidy featuring Swizz Beatz :: My Drink ‘N My 2 Step


1 Response to “It’s Showtime — Get the Patron and Tell ‘Um ‘Dat It’s ON!”

  1. July 23, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Get the Patron and tell ’em that it’s on. Can you see JT dancing to this on Halloween? Please tell me it’s going to happen.

    I think Swizz got his start in the production game initially, hence the multiple beat creation scenarios. He makes a funky groove no doubt.

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