A Few Random, Yet Great Gems of 2007-1st Installment


Over the course of the past week or so, I’ve been making a mental list of albums that really caught my attention the past 12 months. With great message boards, even better blogs, and friends with impeccable recommendations, it’s hard to not be exposed to music that demands to be heard. As people throw up their list of favorites for this year, I’ve realized how much I may have missed, but at the same time, beginning to see the vast amount of grade A quality music that was graced upon us in ’07. And just like last year, my list of greatness is forthcoming in the very near future. Before that is unveiled though, I want to list a few random discoveries from the past year.

Best song not released this century that I discovered:

1992-Vanessa Paradis – ‘Be My Baby’

Thanks to Justice’s essential mix, they enlightened me to this popstress from their native country of France. Its great Motown sound was what initially enraptured me. It’s Diana Ross and the Supremes all over again. This has been on repeat for months and it should be looping in your player as well. Still timeless.

Best collaboration:

Chemical Brothers with Fatlip – ‘Salmon Dance’

I know you’re going to love it if you give it one chance. Obviously, we still love this song/video, but the Chems hooked up with the one and only downtrodden MC known as Fatlip to produce another modern day classic. This track was brought with its quirky high-pitched melody to imitate the snap of the salmon, that simple drum pattern, and Lip’s nasally delivery gave us the definitive what the fuck moment of this year. Yes, he is killin’ it!

They did produce a video for this single as well. Our boy is nowhere to be seen though. Rather disappointing after Spike Jonze’s magic with ‘What’s Up, Fatlip?’

More greatness to be brought with a gun in the very near future.  Hang tight, son.


1 Response to “A Few Random, Yet Great Gems of 2007-1st Installment”

  1. 1 cam
    December 16, 2007 at 1:05 am

    that justice mix for me was absolutly unreal, found it about a month ago and could not stop listening to it since. its hard to belive we could have missed so many tunes in our time….

    anyways, in the sprit of you post, heres another great find..hope you pull a few more tunes from it

    frechkissfm.com (not a plug jsut a really sick site)

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