Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots takeover the Larimer Lounge…


Some acts exude that live performance persona; an aura that on record speaks of a potential confidence in front of a live audience. Nick Waterhouseno stranger ’round these parts as of late — through his song crafting abilities put into my head he’d smoke in a club; something about striving for that true throwback sound, a vibe that fought for 110% at all moments. The showman who wouldn’t stop until the room’s walls were dripping with sweat that originated from the intensity of the bodies and feet shuffling, swaying in time, and jiving like this was the last night of their lives.

Well, the dapper  young Los Angeleeese conductor of all things hip and electrifying transcended anything I could have begun to envision….

To jump start an evening consisting of a one-two Los Angeles soul revivalist punch, MHSC warmed up the Larimer Lounge’s dancing feet by showcasing their wide breadth of soul knowledge. Allah-Las, a fresh surf-inspired Los Angeles act, presented their freshly pressed self-titled debut. A record with melodies reminiscent of ocean waves, tales of passed loves, and a yearning to bring yesterday’s sound back. By the finale of Allah-Las’ set, which headliner Nick Waterhouse accompanied on organ, the Larimer Lounge’s feet and blood were ready for the 50s R&B powerhouse that is Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots. The dapper 26 year old confessed to the crowd that this tour was “the realization of my dreams”. The inaugural show of a 22 stop national tour, Nick and his Tarot’s blazed through a set with a fierce intensity and precision.

Though its his sound, the man knows when it’s time to pay the heroes of yesterday respect. The finale of what could most likely be the performance of 2012, was a cover of “It’s All Over Now”, a track originally performed by Bobby Womack. The bandleader and his Tarots were accompanied by the Allah-Las to form the ultimate 10 piece act. The pure musicianship and desire to corroborate my hopes for what his live show could be, were smashed. Time’s All Gone has been in constant rotation for months; what was presented though, wasn’t that same record. Songs were intensified, vocals were notes hit right the first time; the passion exuded from this sextet wasn’t what you expect from a man with a debut record, on a Wednesday night, kicking off a tour. In Denver. But the passion of a man, perhaps a movement, who’s looked into the future and knows what it takes to be one of the greats.

1 Response to “Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots takeover the Larimer Lounge…”

  1. October 22, 2012 at 4:48 am

    Man, after seeing this dude Live at Daryl’s, I’m really bummed I didn’t see this show. Great review!

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