When Nick Met Daryl…

Anything Nick Waterhouse is doing right now, I’m  a sucker for. The dapper, mid-20s Californinian is reinvigorating the original rock n roll sound with his willingness to invoke trouble into music. His uncanny ability to jump start a party in full force isn’t hurting him either.

If I were a former pop star with my boy Oates, did a successful run as a solo artist, and was looking for a new way to invent myself, I’d build a house in upstate New York. To further differentiate myself, a professional band would hang there often, and I’d invite well respected artists to roll by. This is what Daryl Hall continues to do — MiS was hitting repeat some years back on this project — via his web and now TV show Live From Daryl’s House

Mr. Hall asked Nick Waterhouse to the compound to bring that sound of Nick’s further to the masses. What was concocted and ripped through, further proves Nick Waterhouse holds the potential to be as timeless as his sound.

  • Say I Wanna Know
  • If You Want Trouble
  • Some Place
  • Problem With You (Originally written/performed by Daryl Hall)
  • Time’s All Gone
  • Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles cover)

Check the brilliant, original collaboration here.


1 Response to “When Nick Met Daryl…”

  1. November 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

    One might ask “does the world need yet another person trying to do the retro thing?” but I think a better question is, what is it about the old music that makes a lot of people fascinated by its sound, enough for them to want to revive it over and over? This is the end product of the influence of the source. This is not something that’s meant to have the high quality productions of a Motown release, this is something that is equal to a privately pressed record. It could have been done in a basement, a garage, or in a school gym, but what makes this work is its energy. It’s not something that is 100% soul, for I do hear elements of garage rock and surf rock, but if you know the history of all of these musics, the roots intertwined and became good bedfellows. These songs will make you dance, but it’s also worthy of rocking out to, and that’s a good thing. Time’s All Gone is swagger replicated for the 21st century, the kind of rock’n’roll that made a generation of older people panic and young kids pee in anticipation of how to upset their parents even further. Music that represents rock’n’roll pre-B.S.

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