It’s a Miracle…

That this blog has been resuscitated? I suppose its heart did stop beating for over six months’ time. And by no means did music lose its pulse; like the other hiatuses MiS has taken, the music around me didn’t stop piling up, or I didn’t hit the STOP (that still exist?) button. Much has happened in my musical bubble over the course of this time. This art form we’ve chosen to follow, invest our time and money in, and help to add something to our day-to days, never is shut off. Music encompasses everything that I do from day-to-day. On a Friday morning, the soundtrack is upbeat and celebratory after shutting down another week; after a rough day, the dial turns to something carefree, maybe even nostalgic to remember a simpler time. On a random Tuesday, while at work, but really before work, it’s a pulse that amps me up for the day, one that maybe even is uplifting in an inspiring way. Like you, I love creating my original soundtrack on a daily basis. Miracle, a track off Parisian classically trained for the club Yuksek‘s latest, has been electrifying my days, no matter what’s happening around me….

Yuksek :: Miracle


1 Response to “It’s a Miracle…”

  1. 1 Radstarr
    February 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Dude, please write more about Veruca Salt!
    That is the best thing that ever happened to music and the city of Chicago!
    On the reals, welcome back Cotter! The world has been waiting for this!

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