12 Months Later…

How relevant is a top 10 list when in reality, you’re only really still listening to a few of last year’s records? As I use this blog as an archive of ’09, I’ve quickly realized a top 5 would have been more appropriate. My list from last year –one I can only get half into a year later – has not held up super great over time. If I’d do it again, I’d take five of those 10 records and accurately place them in spots they’re truly worthy of. I simply take a record and place it into its respective spot based on spins received. My top 5 of ’09 done right in ’10:

#5 Yuksek :: Away From the Sea

#4 Royksöpp :: Junior

#3 Das Pop :: s/t

#2 The Dream :: Love Vs Money

#1 Prairie Cartel :: Where Did All My People Go

When I made my list last year, this record was only two months old. By the time this record was released, I had many of these tracks already as miscellaneous MP3s and had seen Prairie Cartel, according to one, over 100x. I wasn’t in dire need of acquiring this LP. I thought I practically had it on my HDD already. Wrong. Upon hearing this Chicago-based supergroup in proper studio form, I was instantly hooked. Take the elements I loved from their former selves and blend it with beats to create my perfect mix.

Prairie Cartel :: Cracktown

Prairie Cartel :: No Light Escapes Here


1 Response to “12 Months Later…”

  1. January 7, 2011 at 6:22 am

    Dude, that’s a great picture! That’s LCD right, or no? I need to hear the Prairie Cartel though, I completely forgot about them, and have never heard a lick of their music! Hey thanks for not coming to the Chi for a beer with me,

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