Deliver Me a Hit…

I consistently receive other people’s mail. If I’m gettings yours, you must be seeing some mine. Perhaps it’s the mail carrier’s short attention span, the inability to focus and slow down to give a shit. Or maybe it’s the lack of worldly experience our carrier has. Over in Minneapolis, their carriers have pizazz, super sex appeal, and a knack for writing a soulful experience worth returning to.

This last year has decimated many industries. Many in the musical arena have innovated and taken chances. Those gambles have perhaps kept them afloat, or at least kept me entertained while I sit shackled in my house. And the artists who depended upon touring and selling merch to support themselves? They turned to alternatives. This era has anyone out of work thinking hard on what careers are recession and pandemic proof. Enter the essential worker, the ones who are reporting to work no matter the situation.nThe soul strutting Har Mar Superstar is moonlighting, perhaps now it’s his music is the side hustle, as the man is now taking over 25,000 steps daily as a mail carrier. Mpls St. Paul has an excellent write-up on his new beginnings.

Thankfully, the man is still an artist and continues to create. His forthcoming record Roseville debuts in March via BandCamp.

“It’s a weird salvation album,” he says. “Melancholy, piano ballad–based. I’m excited to release it in the middle of winter.” 

In the meantime, he’s unleashed two singles, “Where We Began”, with horns a plenty and the perfect complement to a strut down your local Main St. as you walk with that extra pep in your step and just enough swagger to catch the eyes of most onlookers; “Sleight of Hand” has Superstar bring out a full production that creates an easygoing sound around the one that got away.

During these troubling economic times, do artists turn their backs on our major streaming options to exclusively share via Bandcamp? My hope is they don’t, I want to use one app to play music while outside of my home. Regardless, let’s continue to support those that do so much for us.

1 Response to “Deliver Me a Hit…”

  1. February 16, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    Dude, great update on Har Mar! I had no idea he was a mailman, and still continuing to work with music!? That the best news I’ve heard today.
    Anyway, I agree with the use of one app, but I’m assuming band camp pays a lot more.
    I’ll check these tracks!

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