Hawksley Night in Canada at Christmastime…

A Night in Canada sounds enticing right now. Shit, stepping anywhere that’s not my home would break the status quo. In the meantime, let’s accept our reality and invite our favorites over to celebrate the holiday season.

Hawksley Workman has been a regular guest on our virtual stage. He’s bringing his yuletide bangers over for our listening pleasure in December with his Hawksley Night in Canada at Christmastime. Usually a monthly event, Workman is gifting us two shows. An engaging variety show consisting of career spanning set lists. Perhaps he pulls from his two holiday themed records, or shares unique renditions off his latest Less Rage More Tears.

These shows have been Hawksley showcasing his quirks, putting his theatrical and formidable voice at the forefront, and engaging us with his unpredictable imagination. We yearn for a live experience inside of a venue, where a full band is backing this Canadian Treasure, Hawksley Workman knows this. In the meantime, let’s rage holiday style with Hawksley’s sweet cacophony from the comfort and safety of our couch.

Stadium rock, 80s nostalgia, flair for days, and definitely something to dance to, “Tahiti Treat” is given the video treatment it deserves…

1 Response to “Hawksley Night in Canada at Christmastime…”

  1. November 20, 2020 at 7:40 am

    Glad he keeps doing this for you guys. It’s something more bands need to do. I would love to hear Hippo do some Christmas tunes!

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