Local H’s 68 Angry Minutes…

The main influence for that song was Naughty Girl…by Beyonce.

Verbalized by Scott Lucas, the front man for the hard-hitting Chicago duo Local H, when asked about last year’s stunna White Belt Boys. 12 Angry Months by Local H was without question my favorite record of last year. And up until today, it still receives consistent spins. A very real break-up record that birthed seven consecutive nights of the act re-creating all of their albums in true start to finish fashion. Absolute nostalgia aside, Scott Lucas, Brian St. Clair, and a host of blasts from the past, showed why they survived the post 90s Chicago boom: sincere passion and a true love for the art we all cherish and follow fervently.

As anxiously mentioned before, their momentous live occasion was being filmed for a DVD. 12 plus months later, the final product is available for consumption. The tracklisting and bonus material consists of the following:

Track Listing-

1. JANUARY: the one with ‘kid’

2. FEBRUARY: michelle (again)

3. MARCH: bmw man

4. APRIL: white belt boys

5. MAY: the summer of boats

6. JUNE: taxi-cabs

7. JULY: 24 hour break-up session

8. AUGUST: jesus christ! did you see the SIZE of that sperm whale?

9. SEPTEMBER: simple pleas

10. OCTOBER: machine shed wrestling

11. NOVEMBER: blur

12. DECEMBER: hand to mouth

Bonus: Fritz’s Corner, Cynic, Heavy Metal Bake Sale, Half Life, Wolf Like Me, and All The Kids Are Right
Bonus Commentary from Scott and Brian with insight into the recording of 12 Angry Months and more!

If their record and love for rock hasn’t persuaded you, check two trailers…




1 Response to “Local H’s 68 Angry Minutes…”

  1. November 24, 2009 at 8:13 am

    I got to be honest, I have never been a big Local H fan like you and Brian, but 12 Angry Months was one of my favorite records of last year too. It had every element that a great record needs, and the anger made it rock. “White Belt Boys” friggin’ rocks, I played the shit out of that! I found an older LP of theirs in the cut outs and I continue to look for more. Have you snagged the video yet?

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