Captivating Canadian (Sweet) Cacophony…

A musical resource before overwhelmingness kicked in, was a form of networking. I would seek out and follow bands who were friends with one another; listen to a new artist simply because a favorite of mine produced this new-to-me act; or simply looked into acts that consistently toured with favorites of mine. That legwork – which was an enjoyable activity in itself – has disappeared from my listening habits. Now, I simply fire up a board, Twitter, a news site or two, and dive into a band’s output – the research phase has evaporated. This simplicity equals too much music to let one thing settle in, truly enjoy, and want to return to because I copped three new LPs today.

I went back a few days ago and followed a favorite of mine into the studio. Ontario superstar Hawksley Workman worked on fellow Canadian sextet Hey Rosetta! ‘ s Into Your Lungs – an epic orchestral pop album bustling with beautiful, poetic numbers. All songs are full with instrument upon instrument and truly skilled musicianship throughout. Start simple, mellow even, begin to build, and then unleash infinite energy – which seems to be Hey Rosetta’s formula. And it is really working for me…..

R.I.Y.L :: Arcade Fire, Frightened Rabbit, Hawksley Workman

Hey Rosetta! :: Red Heart

From their EP Plan Your Escape….


1 Response to “Captivating Canadian (Sweet) Cacophony…”

  1. 1 Steve
    June 21, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Nice recommendation. I’m really into the guitars on this track.

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