Shit. Not Another Four-Piece From Brooklyn…


I’m bound to talk about this one at the end of the year.

You know how attractive girls tend to usually have equally pretty friends? If you think she’s hot, a wait till you see her friends type thing? Well, I’ve seen this with musical artists too, but in a different aspect: musical style. Some of my collection has been built around artists that toured with other like-minded groups or are known to simply, be friends. Take my potentially favorite new act of 2008 – The Jealous Girlfriends. They roll with a few acts we all know and love: Nada Surf and Sea Wolf, amongst others; Sea Wolf roll with these favorites of mine from ’06 and then they spend time with Earlimart. Six degrees of something happening here. Just like Nada, the Jealous Girlfriends stem from Brooklyn, NYC. Why you need to listen comes after the jump.

Yea, I’m at times one to resist another band from Brooklyn too; that borough has more to offer than Ivy-League pop though, trust me. Like an explosion of sound from loud, chugging guitars, that have the ability to create hazy soundscapes; starry melodies with enough sunny na naahs to appease any 60’s pop fan; tones that are aggressive at times, but then also soothing, like a lounge number; and oh, the vocals stem from two members. Holly Miranda brings her delivery in a soulful manner, which reminds me of Mazzy Star (“Fade Into You” is timeless) at times. Fellow guitarist Josh Abbott steps in when necessary; How Now needed to be fronted by him. At other times though, they are battling one another for center stage, vocally speaking. Harmonizing perhaps, although I like to think of it just as layering one voice on top of another to create heavenly echoes. These dueling vocals bring a unique experience to the kaleidoscope found by peering through their debut s/t record. (Good Fences) Shit if this doesn’t break my top 5.

Some non-MySpace tracks are below, but please check their site for the goodness they’ve posted for you.

The Jealous Girlfriends :: The Pink Wig to My Salieri

The Jealous Girlfriends :: Gift Horse

Lead single/video below….


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