Am I Jeopardizing MiS’ Credibility?


It’s only mid-May, but I would like to think my favorite LP of this year has already surfaced and it won’t be winning me any hipster points. That’s OK with me though. It doesn’t even bother me that some fans of this record wear their hats backwards or could be angry frat boys, maybe even douchebags. Regardless of who’s banging ‘12 Angry Months’ (Shout! Factory) in their speakers, Local H continues to bring the rock in the form of another concept album – 98’s ‘Pack Up the Cats’ theme was shooting for the top of the charts. 2008’s record focuses on a past relationship that ended rather rough, apparently. Hit the jump for a small taste and my take on that 7-day stretch of H.

H’s frontman Scott said here that he was listening to a lot of classic break-up records, like Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’ and the Rolling Stones’ ‘Aftermath’ in preparation for his 12-month saga. (Those LPs are break-up staples, right?) Either he took notes on his predecessors’ records, or this former groupie girl of his really meant something because this could be the most finely written Local H record to date. Angst-ridden lyrics are smothered throughout all twelve tracks of ’12 Angry Months’, but any fan would know that Scott Lucas delivers his finest work when he’s pissed. Sample two of the twelve months below.

A ballad with some stomp to it and keys: Local H :: The Summer of Boats

Classic formula here – sonic riff, Scott screaming, and two great, old-school references: Local H :: Michelle (Again)

As previously reported, this album brought a first for me: Seeing a band perform their entire catalog in chronological order over the course of a week’s time. Even if this record doesn’t hold up until December, it will get a nod for the greatness (humor, too) it brought to Chicago’s Beat Kitchen. Having the opportunity to hear all of ‘Here Comes the Zoo’ in its entirety with people like Wes Kidd on backing vocals for “Half-Life” or Simi on violin during the epic opening track “Hands on the Bible” will be noted as classic moments in my live music showography. A night of rarities/b-sides brought the short, but pounding energy of the ‘No Fun’ EP from start to finish, which includes the always excellent, “Fuck Yea, That Wide!” . Anyone who has been smart/fortunate enough to witness them live, know that Scott, Brian, and usually a few others, always bring you a true rock experience. Consistently high-energy shows that make you remember why you’re in love with rock & roll.

There are some EXCELLENT photos, videos, and even complete audio recordings from the course of this epic week at the Beat Kitchen found here. Click a thread with “Beat Kitchen” in the title.

Please give “Hands on the Bible” from May 10th’s gig a spin below with Simi from Suffrajet on the violin.


3 Responses to “Am I Jeopardizing MiS’ Credibility?”

  1. 1 Joe
    May 21, 2008 at 12:03 am

    one of the best posts ever on MiS…..no credibility lost with that

  2. May 26, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    I have to echo JT’s comment: simply your best post and one of the best on MiS. The nostalgia and passion for bands with personal history can rarely be matched, regardless of the flame flickers throughout the years. It has to feel even sweeter after listening to a new album that competes with the rest of their catalogue. Nice work as always!

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