Mahaffey, the One-man Jam, Speaks to You…

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This blog’s glue, Matt Mahaffey, the man behind sElf, a quirky act we love – and you should too – let us into his head when he fielded questions from Rock Sell Out. And after the man shares his wisdom, for the beginner, amateur sElf fan, Matt shares 10 of his favorites in mix form.

After reading this, I have a feeling, a strong inkling, that whenever Matt decides to unleash his genius, we’ll all be in for a big, pleasant surprise. Good looks with the link, dude.

Interview here

Matt’s top 10 sElf songs

A song missing from that top 10…

sElf :: Waiting

BVS: You have produced a lot of record over the years ranging from Hellogoodbye to The Sounds. Has there been any specific records that stand out to you as your best work or one that you hold a fond memory of?

MATT:  sElf – Breakfast With Girls

You don’t say, Matt?

BVS: What is planned for Self for the next 6 months? With a child on the way, do you have any plans to tour? Do you have any non Self related projects you are looking forward to?

MATT: The plan is to finally launch my web-site, with downloads & video.  That’s something i’m excited about. Right now, My web existence is solely a handful of fans running on fumes.  Bless their hearts, the ones who have hung in there tho’, they’re gonna get some special treatment when the record finally drops, cause they really deserve it & yeah, a tour will be great once the record is finished. As far as non-sElf related, I guess I’m excited about the new Hellogoodbye record I’m producing…Forrest has really come into his own on this one & also, for selfish reasons, the Tina Parol debut coming out on Motown…cause it’s her voice with me playing all the instruments.

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