You and I Must Fight to Survive…


This morning, I decided to partake in my first indoor cycling class of the season – a Spinning class to most.  It’s an intense workout in every aspect that a training session should be.  And any good instructor sets the tempo to his/her playlist.  You want the class to pick up the pace for a four minute sprint?  Put on LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” where the tempo remains the same throughout the first beat to the last. For a set of intervals, queue up a track that has a rolling tempo – one that has peaks and valleys.  Maybe Refused’s “New Noise”.  Unfortunately for me, she didn’t opt to use tracks in my collection – except one…

We’re nearing the 50 minute mark and my legs are slowly beginning to wither out, but then I heard a shimmering hum and galloping from a far, with sporadic neighing, and forgot all about any suffering below my waist. Within two seconds of the intro, I clapped my hands twice and exclaimed, “Good song!” Plain Jane, with sweat rolling down her forehead, looked at me like I was high and an idiot.  High on Muse, girl! “Knights of Cydonia” was going to bring us to the finish line! It’s interesting how music can move you in various ways – physically but mentally, too.

This morning’s second wind in video form…

Muse :: Knights of Cydonia


1 Response to “You and I Must Fight to Survive…”

  1. November 23, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Great, passionate post. I laughed aloud when reading about your reaction when you recognized the song. I can picture the moment completely. I’m sure you were pedaling with the biggest grin on your face (as Plain Jane – also great, btw – was struggling to finish).

    I think I’m gonna drop a bomb, GET DOWN!

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