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Nashville, The Features, and Skulls…

Your favorite artist consistently turns out new records. They have a sound and overall vibe you’ve come to expect. But they don’t stay the same. They’re always tweaking who they are as an act. Evolving helps them to stay in the game. Why make the same record twice? Each record presents itself a new opportunity for the listener, too. And when that opportunity is a visit to their hometown for a rock show, you bite. If you’re lucky, you string along a few friends to jump start the night. Or in my case, the weekend.

You take away the music, you remove so much; the trips, the random conversation, an unexpected local showing you the town, impersonating Prince amongst Nashvillians, etc. I learned on that first trip outta state to see a show that those opportunities should never be turned down. Ever. The show is the final destination, but it’s the journey leading up to the gig that creates timeless memories. Last weekend in Nashville, I was part of a modern-day classic in the making.

An act not featured enough on this rarely breathing blog was The Features. Why? It was once said they’re too tough to put into words and whatever was said wouldn’t be doing the band justice. Shit, no doubt it’s a tough endeavor. See them live, get lost in their records, it’s a fair statement. The truth? It’s the best band you’re not spinning. A quartet stringing together anthems of love, longing, family, and anything else that in the end really matters. Those themes are backed — formidably — by melodic sunshine, aggressive and danceable grooves, and a  passion and energy always ready to jump off.

My attendance at shows isn’t what it once was. And forget the now a days it’s quality over quantity, because at one point, rarely was I not at a show that was worth noting somewhere or generated conversation tomorrow and a week later, too. The objective of catching quality, intimate live music hasn’t changed, nor has the desire for antics — this past weekend further corroborates this. But today, priorities have evolved and every moment of this experience is special. Nothing is taken for granted. I got into music to be entertained aurally. Over time, I realized it’s so much more than something to hear. The Features and Nashville gave me a reason, countless, really, to continue to be a fan of music and every other opportunity and experience it creates.


The Features present the features…

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.02.16 PM

There was a time I used The Features’ merch booth as a dressing room. You may not know this — nor should you, really — but a band is more than willing for you to try on their t-shirts to find the right size. Maybe it’s my age or my rather particular taste, rarely do I rock band t-shirts anymore. I know my favorite act is better than yours, so why strut?

Since the Features warrant it. If there was anyone doing it right, with more energy and sincerity than most all, it’s the quartet outta Sparta/Nashville, TN. On their 4th record, themes of aging and what comes with it permeate throughout, the foot stomping inevitably should continue care of swirling keys, perfect melodies, and rhythmic hits creating another well fitting record from the best band that might not be in your rotation.


Monolith Festival > Lollapalooza – And Here’s Why…

It only takes one. And that catalyst for an eventful weekend is a MiS favorite: The Features, who are proclaiming on their Twitter, of their grand appearance at Monolith. Their latest LP, Some Kind of Salvation is what anyone who’s witnessed this TN pop outfit live knows they were always capable of on record – relentless energy bundled up into lighthearted pop numbers. The greatness this LP exuded lyrically speaking – Temporary Blues continues to resonate – and the superb craftsmanship instrumentally speaking, caused me to purchase all forms of this album. Thanks to the CD, my bathroom’s boombox and its morning routine’s use, always had a smile on its face, no matter the ungodly hour. Like a beaming trophy, my double-sided LP rests firmly next to its older – by 10 years next weekbrother. And those digital files, they’ve helped to secure the number three spot on my coveted list.

Red Rocks continues to showcase acts I spin routinely. While Lollapalooza has an extensive lineup – even a TN act – Monolith has the one act from TN meriting any type of showcasing: The Features. Nothing has changed; Tennessee is still nothing to fuck with.

FLUX EDIT : : Speaking of the other aforementioned TN act, the Features were recently signed to a new label imprint of Bug Music, of which the Kings of Leon are intimately involved.  The deal will generate better distribution efforts for Some Kind of Salvation, which will be available in stores on July 28th.

Experience the greatness of two songs destined to be dropped at an elevation of almost 5800 feet.

The Features :: Mosis Tosis

The Features :: Thursday

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