Colors and Brass…

A band steps on stage with a brass section, or simply a trumpet or saxophone, my excitement jumps. They jazz things up, fill the sound with a whole new energy, and guarantee this act is about to smoke.

The once glorious multi-player act Typhoon leaned heavily on brass for emotional theatrics. This made their sound and drew me in. Then, this 10 plus member band shrunk. Suddenly the brass was missing from their subsequent albums. It made their sound fall flat, I no longer cared. So what happens to a great act when an eight sibling brass ensemble inject their pizazz into an already classic?

Black Pumas join the Spotify Singles canon with “Colors” and their reinterpretation of Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man”. Their original “Colors” is given an extra strut, a formidable bounce, and a whole new reason to be sucked back into this Austin duo’s timeless sound thanks to Chicago’s Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Pumas’ frontman Eric Burton on this octet’s brilliant arrangement:

“I was floored to see someone take something so specific to me and unapologetically integrate an eclectic blend of hip hop, jazz, and funk to speak their piece.”

Spotify is winning. The exclusivity thing used to rub me the wrong way. Make your art available for all, though times are not what they were. Music is a business. If you want to draw in more customers, produce a product that gives your users a value add. Sure, the other streaming platforms have a similar record collection to Spotify and the differences are negligible. But their Spotify Singles collection brings a unique dynamic to my digital record collection. The Pumas join acts like LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Carly Rae, and Leon Bridges for an exclusive collection that further proves Spotify is the best streaming option.

1 Response to “Colors and Brass…”

  1. January 23, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    Damn, this is hot! Great review, and I like how you tied in the Spotify Singles Series. It’s special And no matter who’s doing what version, I’m always interested in whatever it is because it’s so well done.

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