Portland’s Typhoon take it to the Chapel…

An EP is easy to return to. Its blessing is the conciseness in it. Rarely is a band including filler in a five track EP. One can trust each track was purposefully placed to make as great of an impact as possible. The EP and its brilliance in brevity and exquisite quality has been well documented: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness & Home IV featuring Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel are standards in this aural delivery. Typhoon now, too. This act out of Portland may only feature 1/10 of a full-size orchestra, but what they lack in musicians, they makeup in unadulterated musicianship.

Paste magazine’s Ryan Reed turned me onto this 11/12 piece act ‘s A New Kind of House EP in 2011 and also sold me better than I can attempt to sell you:

Music critics throw around adjectives like “orchestral” and “expansive” all the time these days. But here’s a band that actually deserves such labels. Portland’s Typhoon is an indie rock geek’s dream: a dynamic 12-piece with a seemingly unending reservoir of energy, emotive vocals, arpeggiated guitars, horns, multiple drum kits, strings—there are so many sonic details crammed into the five tracks on A New Kind of House, the band’s second official release, that you might need two pairs of headphones to properly connect the dots.—Ryan Reed

2010’s Hunger & Thirst and the aforementioned 2011 A New Kind of House EP are all we have to experience true symphonic rock at its finest. Now, thanks to Fuel Friends blog, we are graced with an intimate live set taken place in a house of worship. Out of these four tracks, three are new; the other, CPR/Claws Pt. 2, is more glorious and captivating than the first celestial experience it sent you on.

Fuel/Friends Chapel Session #17: Typhoon


1 Response to “Portland’s Typhoon take it to the Chapel…”

  1. 1 Adam Franklin
    January 9, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Man, I have to go see these guys/Girls now! You’ve peaked my interest.

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