My Friend Dario and the hand dryer…

Music evokes emotions. It’s also meant to stimulate gay movement, steps and hip swinging that are synonymous with an uplifting and pleasant mood. But music can also incite pandemonium. Vitalic, the French wizard reminiscent of Daft Punk when they’re hard-wired for a dark, edgier than ever evening, composed the highly acclaimed and definitely revered ’round these parts OK Cowboy in 2005. Off that record was “My Friend Dario”, a rager of a track with a throbbing bass line and start and stop explosions of ecstasy meets chaos. The video captured it beautifully in an artistic manner.

This morning I wanted to rev up my metabolism. I ventured over to the gym; before hitting up whatever routine was going to sporadically come to mind, I hit the locker room. Whatever, wherever, my life is usually set to a soundtrack. My “Let’s Get Physical” play list was in motion. The gym tries to cater to all sorts, so the hand dryers are set at different heights. One is to the extreme and the other is to the extreme. One I have to practically bend down to use, and the other, I have to almost jump to grab the net to turn on. I skip around the corner, see a rather large individual, one that’s easily 6’2″ and a good 250 with dark, long hair utilizing the taller dryer. No, not for his hands. His death metal locks need to be wrung out. This 80s ex-hairband bassist is gyrating his head as if he’s envisioning Metallica’s Ride the Lightning performed before him. A demonic like pandemonium came over this fella.  And what’s playing as I’m taking this spectacle in? Vitalic’s “My Friend Dario”.


1 Response to “My Friend Dario and the hand dryer…”

  1. August 15, 2012 at 5:20 am

    I sometimes use the blow dryer at the gym to dry my hair as well! Though it’s probably a lot quicker than the dude with the dreads:”)

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