You remind me of home…

The E.P., or the extra play, is an ideal length. Even if you love the act, variety in artistry and genre is a beautiful thing. When a new record is released, and it contains an excess of 10 songs, I sometimes scoff. Yes, even at a well plugged act on MiS. Post-Parlo, an independent defunct (?) label out of Austin, TX, is responsible for one of the stronger EPs of the ’00s: The four song split between Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel as part of the Home series. With Conor and Britt teaming up on two tracks; then contributing their own individual piece, too. 13 minutes of excellence. Around go time, this was rumored to be a 10 disc set, but to my knowledge, it didn’t exceed past the 5th — would love to know if all were released?!

The 5th in the series was a stripped down set, one where the weapons of choice were an acoustic and a voice. If used accurately and with skilled precision, the combination of the two is unstoppable. Take one part Ben Gibbard, the distinct voice behind DCFC and the Postal Service; add one part Andrew Kenny, the man behind American Analog Set, an Austin act interweaving calm and hypnotic- like rhythms. Here, Kenny brings a light and airy delivery across his no frills melodic tapestry.

Possibly the true brilliance behind this series was its time period. Digital music existed, but by no means as ubiquitous as today, where anything you want is a click or stream away. As far as I remember/know, this series never saw any type of digital release; if you wanted to spin these, you had to have the discs or have a connection willing to rip them for you. The releases were truly limited, so not everyone heard these. And if you did, consider yourself fortunate; if you’ve yet to be acquainted, realize the potential a voice, minimalist melodies, and a subject like home can bring forth…

Home Volume V


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