Since it’s my time….

If I asked you, the dedicated music fan who lives it, if your car had an AUX input, you’d know, right? Recently I was out of town and a friend and I needed to borrow a way to drive north. We asked my friend’s sibling if he’d lend us his car. Without hesitation, his response was, “Sure.” Without missing a beat, I fired back to him, “Does your ride have an AUX input?” I was rolling with a friend, one who our conversations could become my soundtrack to this trip; eventually though, things need to be changed up and something has to be on blast to further amp me up for our arrival. The loaner’s response was, “I think I do.” What?

Either this individual is of the odd type, or someone like myself that thinks about access to MY music before anything else, is abnormal. What I’ve come to realize is a lot of people don’t give a damn. The radio is fine. Driving in silence works, too. For me, the radio takes away that freedom we’re provided to spin what we want, when we want, how many times to repeat it, etc. The radio from Chicago to the upper part of Michigan doesn’t meet my approval. But then I’m willing to try the randomnity of digital radio…

Since it’s all quantified and based on some algorithm more complex than trying to fathom not knowing if you have an AUX or not, I’m willing to spend time with Spotify’s radio service. See, it’s based on an artist I dig.  This feature, while not always spot on, has given exposure to artists new to me. It’s made semi-stale genres fresh again. With what I consider eclectic tastes, I can’t always be up on styles I only spin occasionally; in comes Spotify. My experience with Pandora is minimal; from what I remember though, Spotify’s option seems more diverse, meaning I won’t be repeating too many songs, a la Pandora. While spinning Tesla Boy, the Russian innovator of 80s brightness in 2012, Spotify turned me onto a plethora of Junior Jack meets Daft Punk happy house. A truly missing genre from my listening habits.


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