Beyond just a listen…

What has your favorite band done for you? No, not in the sense they personally sought you out and fulfilled your grandest desires. More so, because of that band, what type of experiences were brought your way? Acts have made me friends; led me to new, faraway places I grew to love, or sometimes despise of; most importantly, brought people together to enjoy the music and create vivid memories that continue to be as fresh in my head as the day they transpired. This blog was unfortunately in hiatus during the announcement of LCD Soundystem’s last show at Madison Square Garden. As a fan, one who’s been in for the long haul, I knew that this show was an absolute must. A small excuse to take a quick excursion to the capitol of the world doesn’t hurt either.

For those that missed this monumental musical event, or those that wanted to relive a weekend for the ages, their final gig was made into a documentary, Shut Up and Play the Hits. Not sure if it was the opportunity to see a 29 song setlist, being part of something historical, or simply coming together with 20,000 like-minded music folk, but upon taking in the initial trailer, goose bumps arose. This would recapture the MSG set, it would also let us peer into the mind of James Murphy.

This medium we live is so much more than something to aurally take in. It’s one that is limitless — think about it — on what it can do for us. Any band I cherish, has embellished my life in endless ways. Some more than others. It’s experiences like LCD afforded me that make me realize that anyone just casually listening, and not bringing music into your social circle, are missing out on opportunities. Ones that done right, are as timeless as other vivid memories you revere. And for this, I thank any act that created something that became an experience, one that went way beyond just a listen.


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