Live Fancy….

If we played Sesame Street’s Which One is Not Like the Other, with my top albums of ’09, you wouldn’t even need to know me to pick which LP doesn’t belong. The-Dream’s Love vs Money was the definite anomaly – my sentiments concerning the LP remain the same: single (i.e. a fuckin’ jam) after single construct this record. A year later, this album hasn’t disappeared into obscurity; nor has it diminished in plays like a lot of records in past lists. If anything, its play count has skyrocketed – become something I struggle to not play in the course of one day. For everything I usually gravitate towards, Love vs Money is not, with its soulful, lustful symphonies drowning in layers of synths. Variety in life, and most definitely in music, is what keeps things fresh.

6 minutes and 30 seconds of this record are what I can’t step away from. Fancy, a track appearing late in the album’s game, is one that begins with a less is more approach. A basic, back and forth piano melody, with The Dream gushing over his materialistic and ostentatious, young catch. The beat is smooth and easy going, but there is a hint of buildup lurking. This buildup lasts over five minutes – the payoff though, is one I, after uncountable repeats, have deemed an epic finale. An explosion of sound, with The Dream’s soft delivery turning into a rapid cadence and the beat erupting every which way. Headphones and your finger on the repeat button recommended….

The Dream :: Fancy


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