You Can’t – I Can’t Let Go…

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Would it be a catastrophe to disregard all new music? Specifically, cease searches for the next intriguing act, not big, because like you, I’m all about substance over style. I should allocate all resources and efforts into discovering – re-discovering for some – the groups and songs of past. The tracks that are timeless; ones that people return to again and again; songs that ignite musicians to become who they are today. Immerse myself in artists of yesterday that influenced acts I praise today. Surely, no one has time to keep tabs on the current happenings and attempt to play catch-up with acts from a generation or two ago, right?

No. While viewing 1/7th of a 70 minute documentary on the French act Phoenix’s listening habits, where the boys converse about 20 of their favorite tracks, I discovered a pop gem from my parents’ generation. I Can’t Let Go, by Evie Sands, clocks in at a crisp 2:18 seconds and follows a less is more philosophy. Like the French foursome examines, the idea is to compose songs that aurally appear simple; although in reality, require sweat, experimentation, and maybe a happy accident or two. Or, maybe, pop composition is something that came instinctively to Ms. Sands. And now, like our narrators, I love this song, too.

Evie Sands :: I Can’t Let Go

Another overlooked gem with a similar musical structure (i.e. a fuckin’ gem)

Frank Wilson :: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)


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