I Asked and Quickly Received…

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There is a scene, a classic one, from The Wire where only one word is uttered many times over. The word is fuck. Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty, two detectives hot on the trail of a female homicide, are having an epiphany. After many tiresome hours, the two gumshoes realize the solution to the problem. This morning, while taking in those eight hours away from music happenings, I saw Hawksley Workman is briefly stepping into the states. And I was just complaining about how the man doesn’t visit. Without hesitation, I scrolled down to see who the lucky winners will be. My current locale? No, of course not. But, he is rolling through Schubas, my second-favorite Chicago venue.

On this Sunday in October, I have a prior engagement. Within a second, all I could think of was fuck. Nothing more. Instead of uttering the obscenity because I figured it all out, this was more in frustration, to put it lightly. Although, every problem has a solution. Either in Chicago, or one of the other venues below, I will be there. Don’t disappoint me, HW…

20-Oct-09 Cafe Du Nord Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA

21-Oct-09 Hotel Cafe Hotel Cafe Los Angeles, CA

25-Oct-09 Schubas Tavern Schubas Tavern Chicago, IL

28-Oct-09 City Winery City Winery New York, NY

29-Oct-09 Tin Angel Tin Angel Philadelphia, PA

A number very representative of what drew me to Hawksley in the first place…

Hawksley Workman :: When You Gonna Flower


1 Response to “I Asked and Quickly Received…”

  1. September 6, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Dude, that’s weird, I just saw him in the latest Schuba’s email and wondered who he was? I noticed it was cheap and I liked his name, is it a band or just one guy? Wow, you are so underground D-Nice!

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