All Circuits Lead to Joy…

Like minded people usually stick together – and artists are no different. Even when a band decides to throw in the towel, their sound, whether it was an individual’s or a collaborate effort, never really fades into oblivion. If it weren’t for bands becoming defunct, picking up the pieces and past members to begin new endeavors, my collection could potentially be 1/4 less than what it is today. Band XYZ calls it quits, but the lead singer and the guitarist start something new. It was always worth a listen; sometimes the output transcended the previous effort. One large family that has spawned countless acts is Failure – who were one of the 90s quintessential space-rock acts.

After Failure relinquished its ability to compose more brilliance, the lead singer, Ken Andrews, quickly formed Year of the Rabbit. Ken recruited Jeff Garber, who put his own haunting rendition on the space-rock sound with former Hum bassist Jeff Dimpsey in National Skyline. After YotR put out an EP and a full-length, they called it quits. All former members of YotR, minus Ken Andrews, concocted The Joy Circuit. Like most post-Failure acts – besides this greatness – their time together was minimal; The Joy Circuit only managed an EP with an original title: EP1.

R.I.Y.L :: Failure, National Skyline, or great, driving melodic guitar-play

A pre-EP demo. Madness….

The Joy Circuit :: Run in Circles

One of the five off the EP….

The Joy Circuit :: Secret Fires


1 Response to “All Circuits Lead to Joy…”

  1. 1 magø
    August 4, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Just a couple of side notes, neither of which are terribly relevant to the post, but perhaps interesting, nonetheless…

    Ken Andrews had a solo synth-y outing as ON in 1999-2000, right after the demise of Failure.
    He put out an ep and a full-length on Sony… not sure if any former Failure or future YOTR members contributed, though.

    The Joy Circuit got their name from a 1980 Gary Numan track.

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