Ununited States of Eurasia Muse Style…

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Muse, a band with a stadium rock meets classical, dark sound has entertained me over the years. Their first three LPs are nearly perfect. Absolution, now six years old, still stands up to the test of time. Their previous effort, Black Holes & Revelations was decent; no doubt it created its moments. Overall though, it almost made me lose interest in the current day recorded Muse. Live, it’s an extravagant event – electric meets epic. Being a fan of openers like New Born or Apocalypse Please will always keep my interest piqued to experience what these English lads are composing next. The Resistance, the forthcoming Muse record debuts in September. On the local board, I began to become excited about studio Muse again with comments like these:

With their previous record, Black Holes & Revelations being a slight let down, compared to their three previous efforts displaying true excellency, Bellamy has been quoted about the band trying to write a larger, epic piece with a an Orchestra this time around. Wanting to put out a work as large in-scale as Dark Side of the Moon. I recall him saying they were working on a 15 minute epic piece for this album.

Or something like this re-sparked my interest in a band capable of so much:

classical, orchestral, hardest song ever, and song in three parts they’ve been working on for years

Maybe a single; maybe just an idea of their current thoughts in the studio, Muse has unleashed Ununited States of Eurasia. Once, Muse was pegged as a Radiohead rip-off. And now, some may say the trio is biting Queen. All artists have influences, and if Muse wants to put them front and center, for us to experience, I won’t object; especially since the piano is just as essential as Freddy Mercury.

Today, for the first time in unfortunately three months, I sat down at a nice, upright piano. Within seconds, I went to situate my fingers to begin Apocalypse Please. Nothing came about. I couldn’t remember the right chords and notes. This band still excites me, even if I can’t rock the keys like Bellamy or Rachmaninov.


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