The Grim Reaper of Rhyme Rocks the Bells!


L.L. Cool J is your undertaker
Def hit-maker plus a bone-breaker
Treble terminator, bass mutilator
You can drop your drawers, I’m a rapper castrator
On the microphone you will never recoup
When I’m finished with you, boy, you’ll be suckin’ on soup

Ladies love Cool James. No shame should be had when expressing one’s equal adoration for the 80’s rapid-fire, original rhymesayer, LL Cool JRock the Bells exploded off of LL’s debut Radio. It was a 4:00 minute boast about how hard he was. With the simple, yet hard-hitting beat and vocal artillery blast, no one doubted the MC’s prowess of beats & rhymes. What looks to have been on the b-side to this single, was an extended version of Rock the Bells. Not only was it extended, all the lyrics are unique to this version. He slays on this version. The witty attacks are only half of what makes this track unstoppable: the non-stop spit from James is what brings it all together. I may hear one inhale throughout the whole seven minutes. Consider Mama Said Knock You Out the follow-up bout to this heavyweight champion…

LL Cool J :: Rock the Bells 12″/original version


2 Responses to “The Grim Reaper of Rhyme Rocks the Bells!”

  1. July 11, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    We moved to South Carolina when I was in 7th Grade, and this was one of the first rap casettes I bought from the Swap Meet! I’ll never forget seeing “Ladies Love” in the movie Krush Groove and just being freaked out at what a badass he was! “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” was, and is still, one of the tightest jams ever!!! I would rewind the shit out of this song every night as I memorized and practiced every lyric. My mom kept hearing the clicking of the Walkman as I mashed the buttons, and she would come in and say “you have to go to bed Adam!” “You Can’t Dance” is tight, “Dear Evette” is classic, but my ultimate favorite jam is “I Need A Beat!!” If you listen closely to the lyrics of “I Need A Beat,” he talks about being inside of his radio. It’s very creative and some of the best lyrics, that you never hear anymore. Now days, most rappers talk about their “D’s” or their “‘Lack,” that’s how whack shit has got! Great review and idea! Big fucking up’s on Cool J dude! Still one of the best alive, and I put that on my mama!

  2. July 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    “Wearin’ light blue Puma’s, a whole lotta’ gold/and jams like these keep me in control/I’m the leader of the show keep you on the go/But I know, I can’t live without my radio!”

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